The Skinny Jeans Your Coolest Friends Are Buying Today



You'll be hard-pressed these days to find something Reformation isn't doing right. From collaborations with the coolest brands (hey, Veda; hey, Dôen), to forays into cheeky T-shirts, wedding dresses, and cool workwear, it seems that the brand is quietly taking over our entire closets. Now, the brand is taking a new and exciting step by launching a full-blown denim line, Reformation Jeans.

Following with the brand's commitment to sustainability, founder Yael Aflalo used dead-stock and sustainable fabrics for the collection of jeans, tops, and dresses. "Unfortunately, denim is pretty much the worst clothing for the environment. From water and pesticides needed to farm cotton to toxic chemicals used in dyeing and finishing denim, [it] has a significant environmental impact," Aflalo said. "We want to make beautiful, compelling product but with a focus on how we can have the smallest environmental impact possible. So tackling denim was a no-brainer for us, and we're so proud to officially launch into the category. "

Starting today, you can get on the waiting list for the full collection, which launches on October 23. But if you're eager to get a head start, there's a number of denim pieces available now for you to shop. Below, we're highlighting a few of our favorites!