What Models Over 50 Know About Fashion That We Don't

We’d like to think fashion’s obsession with youth will eventually come to a screeching halt. Along with antiquated ideas of what size constitutes a “model’s body” and the belief that women should exclusively shop in the women’s department, age has always been a way to exclude certain women from important conversations and exciting trends happening in the fashion world. Though the industry still remains quite enamored with youthfulness—just look to the runways of fashion week and the stars of major campaigns—we think the leaders below are helping to change that.

Coming off the heels of fashion month—specifically New York Fashion Week, which The Fashion Spot reported was the most diverse to date—we went seeking the advice of a few over-50-year-old models. In an effort to celebrate age rather than perpetuate stereotypes based on it, we asked them what is it about fashion that they understand and appreciate now more than ever before. Some reflect on how casting has become more inclusive over the course of their careers, others on the fact that now, in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, expressing their personal style has become more liberating than ever. Both give us something to look forward to in our own decades ahead. Scroll on to see what these wise women have to say.