Meghan Markle's Birthday Gift List*


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Meghan Markle—like many of us this summer—will be spending her birthday celebrating someone else's big day. This Saturday, the royal crew will reportedly be heading to the countryside to be a part of the nuptials between Prince Harry's groomsman Charlie van Straubenzee and his soon-to-be-wife, videographer Daisy Jenks.

Considering her own, rather large wedding this year, we're sure she doesn't find forgoing a few celebratory moments for her 37th birthday. However, we would hope that the newlyweds might have other plans up their sleeves for a belated celebration (maybe another trip to Botswana?), and we're certain that the prince has some thoughtful gifting ideas up his regal sleeves. Judging from the heirloom aquamarine ring Prince Harry passed from his mother, Princess Diana, to Markle on their wedding day, we know this is a man who puts some effort into his gifting strategy—no last-minute flower mess-ups here, thanks.

With such thoughts fresh in our minds, we admit to getting carried away and generating our own (entirely imaginary and speculative) gift wish list. If we were Markle (one can dream), then the following lovely things would be written down well in advance, left open in browsers on one's laptop, and perhaps accidentally send over as e-commerce shopping links to the family group text. Whoops!

Keep reading for Meghan Markle's birthday gift list, as imagined by our editors.

If only we knew for sure… What we do know, though, is her handbag collection inside and out.

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