The New Exhibition Every Levi's Lover Needs to See

I entered the 164-year-old V&A museum around 8 p.m. The front room was lit up with blue lights fixed upon posters of rock ’n’ roll legends like Mick Jagger and John Lennon. London socialites shimmied around the space in leather jackets and lived-in Levi’s, greeting each other with kisses on the cheeks and rambunctious conversation. After snagging a cucumber cocktail, I made my way farther back, down a hall chock-full of sculptures I probably studied during college (and have since forgotten), and came upon the entrance to You Say You Want a Revolution? Rebels and Records 1966–1970.

The exhibition, through which my fellow partygoers and I were so luckily about to receive a private tour, is a colorful exploration of this transformative time in culture that indisputably continues to affect society. Levi’s is a partner for the exhibition (open until February 2017) and graciously hosted me for the psychedelic journey. The docent handed me a set of headphones, and as soon as I slipped them over my ears and heard tunes from the likes of Jefferson Airplane and Jimi Hendrix, I knew I was in for a very groovy trip.