11 Reasons Jennifer Lopez Always Looks Amazing in Photos

Bold (but true) statement: Jennifer Lopez never takes a bad photo. Granted, she's been famous for over 20 years and thus has had plenty of practice, but her photo-taking skills are quite impressive nonetheless. She doesn't just put her photogenic tricks to use on the red carpet—there are plenty of Instagram selfies and paparazzi photos that show she clearly knows what she's doing.

Given that we cover J.Lo's looks quite a lot (you guys love her), we look at dozens of photos of her on a weekly basis. As a result, we're up on the photogenic tricks she's kept in her back pocket for years. And just as we did for Blake Lively, Kendall Jenner, Meghan Markle, and Gigi Hadid, we're sharing our findings with you so that you, too, can look ridiculously amazing in selfies, weddings, photo booths, and action shots.

Keep scrolling to see the 11 photogenic tricks Lopez has mastered and shop pieces she's constantly photographed in.