9 Reasons Blake Lively Always Looks Stunning in Photos

The camera loves Blake Lively, and it's easy to argue that some people were just born being photogenic. We fully acknowledge that she's tall, stunning, and regularly decked out in Chanel and Dior, but she has several photogenic tricks up her sleeve as well. After a decade spent on red carpets and being closely followed by paparazzi, she's undoubtedly had plenty of time to hone her skills.

The reason Lively is a great celeb to study is this: She's adept at both standing still and posing, as well as at taking candid shots. In the age of Instagram, you're likely to encounter both—even without red carpets and paparazzi—so keep scrolling to take a cue from Lively's playbook (and shop a photogenic clothing item she seems to swear by).