The Photogenic Trick Kendall Jenner Uses in Every Picture

It's no secret that Kendall Jenner looks great, well, always. Her style certainly helps, as does the fact that she is a model who's well aware of how her poses translate in photographs. When it comes to the latter, she has a subtle yet statement-making photogenic trick that always helps her look flawless in front of the camera. We studied many photos of the It model to identify the common pose she nails every time. If you look closely, you'll notice she often tilts her head slightly to the right to frame her face and elongate her neck. Why does this work? Well, we tapped Getty Images photographer Steve Granitz (who has photographed the model several times) to get the scoop.

As Granitz explained, this trick will make you look slimmer and younger, and it will accentuate your jawline. Think about your angles—facing the camera straight-on is rarely flattering. Turning your head slightly to the right and lowering your chin gives your facial features depth. Why, you ask? Because this action gets rid of shadows, which can make your face look wider, larger, or slightly discolored. Instead, do what Jenner does—stand slightly sideways and tilt your chin a bit downward and a tad to one side—nd just like that, you'll be posing for the camera like a pro.

Keep scrolling to check out a variety of photos where Jenner practices her trick for how to look photogenic—and go a bit farther to shop pieces Jenner would love (that will enhance your photos even more).

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Kat Collings. Next up: the trick Jenner's friend Gigi Hadid uses to look more photogenic