8 Photogenic Tricks Meghan Markle Has Memorized

Given her career as an actress before her entry into life as a duchess, Meghan Markle has had lots of time to hone her looking-good-in-photos skills. While her days of posing on a red carpet might be over for now, she’s still photographed at length almost every time she exits the house (or palace, in her case). In fact, there are currently almost 400 pages of photos of Markle on Getty Images. So it goes without saying that Markle is a good person to study if you want to pick up a few photogenic tricks. I’ve done quite a few stories on Markle since she became engaged to Prince Harry, and I will say that there are very few bad photos of Markle, which isn’t something that can be said for every celebrity. She clearly knows what she’s doing.

Markle’s savvy photogenic skills range from how she holds her head to how big she smiles to what she wears, and I did the research to pull the universal tips to keep in mind the next time you’re faced with a camera (or more likely an iPhone camera). Keep scrolling for the Markle-tried-and-tested tricks and to shop flattering styles she swears by.