9 Photogenic Lessons I Learned From Gigi Hadid

With a career as one of the most in-demand models in the fashion industry, Gigi Hadid is an expert at posing for the camera. Whether she’s on a runway, red carpet, or the streets of New York City, she’s photographed nearly every single day and has had plenty of time to practice her looking-great-in-photos skills. So, if there is one person to take lessons from about how to be photogenic, Gigi Hadid is definitely it.

Hadid’s photogenic tricks vary from the colors she wears to how she stands on a red carpet to the way she tilts her head, and I’m bringing you the best takeaways. When you’re snapping a photo for your next Instagram post, take Gigi Hadid’s best poses and outfit ideas in mind. Ahead, see the nine photogenic tricks Hadid always follows, and shop pieces straight from her closet.


Trick #1: Wear Solid Colors
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You'll often spot Gigi Hadid wearing one color from head to toe. The monochrome looks always work on camera.


Trick #2: Pop a Leg
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We can thank Angelina Jolie for this pose.


Trick #3: Hold Arms Away From the Body
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This is a pose that works for everyone.


Trick #4: Put One Hand in a Pocket
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Putting your hand in the pocket of your jeans conveys a relaxed attitude that reads well on camera.


Trick #5: Strike a Power Pose
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You'll often see models striking a power pose with legs apart, shoulders down, arms back, and hips shifted slightly to one side. It's a stance that lengthens the body.


Trick #6: Wear a Waist-Cinching Piece
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You'll often spot Gigi and her sister Bella Hadid wearing waist-cinching pieces to add some shape.


Trick #7: Smize
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The Tyra Banks secret of smiling with your eyes is endorsed by Hadid.


Trick #8: Cross Legs
(Image credit: Getty Images)

When taking a photo in motion, step to cross your legs—a trick taken from the runways.


Trick #9: Tilt Head Slightly Down and to One Side

You'll often spot Gigi Hadid holding her head at this flattering angle when cameras are snapping.


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