How Important Has Instagram Been for These Under-the-Radar Brands?


Collage Vintage

There's no question that the way we shop has changed dramatically since the internet came around, but recently one of the biggest changes disrupting the fashion industry is Instagram. The platform has opened up a space where young talent can thrive. With fresh designs, strong imagery, and a distinct point of view, designers can attract an audience in a way that wasn't possible before. It's a bona fide way to build a brand, define an aesthetic, and connect with a core audience.

Interested to find out how Instagram has impacted on-the-rise brands, we turned to four cool designers for their input. Ahead, we're chatting with the women behind Staud, Dear Frances, Rejina Pyo, and Sézane to find out just how important Instagram has been for their success, how they create content, and how they've grown their followings.

Keep reading to find out their thoughts on the rise of fashion brands in the age of Instagram.