5 Effortless Tips to Master Model-Off-Duty Style

The reason the model-off-duty look is a fan favorite is because theres an element of achievable realness to it that we all can appreciate and get behind. Now that fashion month is coming to a closewith new It trends, fashion ingénues, and must-have pieces flooding our feedsit’s comforting to know that the M.O.D. version offers an effortless yet put-together approach to dressing that can still transcend your basic jeans-and-tee uniform. Yet while pulling off the M.O.D. look might seem like it's as easy as tumbling out of bed and into a shirtdress there's a bit more to it behind-the-scenes. 

The key to nailing—and maintaining—that effortless complete look lies in five simple (but critical) steps. We partnered with Unilever to share which details you need to pay attention to before you walk out the door. Here's to looking on-point for all the selfies. 

In order to make sure your au naturel makeup stays on and looking fresh all day and your #wokeuplikethis hair stays tousled just so, there are a few prep steps to get right. Hover over the plus signs above to get the behind-the-scenes M.O.D. look down. 

A makeup-free face is a must for completing the look. Stick with <a href="http://bit.ly/2cMfbJD" target="_blank">Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil</a> in the morning to keep skin hydrated, soft, and grime-free. It’s made with 100% pure grape-seed oil, so you know it’ll keep your complexion balanced and toned.
Before stepping out, spritz on <a href="http://bit.ly/2d6UlIS" target="_blank">Dove Dry Spray</a> to help you stay fresh and protected. It dries instantly, and keeps you moisturized at the same time.
Off-duty hair is beloved for its effortless and textured presentation, but sloppy flyaways can pop up. Spray sections of dry hair with <a href="http://bit.ly/1WWEawX" target="_blank">Tresemmé Tres Two Hairspray</a> for a frizz-free and controlled hold that won’t leave your mane sticky.

When you're out and about, you want to pick a chic outfit that can remain comfortable on all fronts. Stick with a core piece, like an easy-to-wear shirtdress, that you can accessorize with a fun neck-scarf. Hover over the plus signs below to find out how to tie it just so. And of course, make sure to toss in all your necessary touch-up essentials into your tote. 

Tie a polka-dot neck scarf in a fall-appropriate color, like burgundy, and flip it around for a chic take on a third piece.
When it comes to moving about the city, a large geometric tote is key for storing your daily essentials.

Want to try out the look this weekend? Get everything you need below. 

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