Were Next Season's Biggest Trends Inspired by Marie Antoinette?


Rex Features

Marie Antoinette is the ultimate fashion-girl muse. There have been paintings made of her, books written about her, and she’s also been a popular subject on film—including Sofia Coppola’s pastel-hued Marie Antoinette movie shot at the palace of Versailles. In the movie, the queen’s love for fashion is well documented, and as I recently rewatched the film, it occurred to me that the pieces she’s wearing are not only still relevant but happen to line up with what we’re about to see for fall. Were all of next season’s biggest trends inspired by Marie Antoinette?

Hear us out. This fall, we’ve been seeing a return to luxe pieces like feathers, kitten heels finished in satin and embellishments, and opulent styles like ornate sleeves and bustier tops—and we can trace each of these back to items worn by the young queen. Ahead, we’re breaking down eight of the biggest trends for fall and how Marie Antoinette may have inspired them.

Keep reading to see how to tap into Marie Antoinette’s style this fall.