The Skirt We Didn't Expect to Make a Comeback

Sometimes we think we have fashion figured out. We know what’s going to sell out instantly, who’s going to wear what, and what trends will fade away. Then there are other times when we remember how fun and slightly unpredictable our industry truly can be. Take for instance, the subject of today’s post: the denim miniskirt. Sure, the button-front '70s-inspired iteration last year had its moment, but we never though the frayed hem mini-mini look was going to come back. We definitely attribute its return to popularity to Vetements, but it seems like other designers and style stars are interested in reviving the piece. While we admittedly were hesitant about how to wear this ultra-casual skirt, all it took was rounding up our fashion faves wearing it to realize it might be making a comeback in our closets very soon. Scroll down to see if you agree!