The Old-School Who What Wear Story We're Bringing Back

We like to think of ourselves as forward thinkers here at Who What Wear, but naturally, we also find ourselves fondly reflecting on stories past. No, we’re not talking about former flames. Rather, previous stories on our website that we don’t publish anymore. In particular, the subject of today’s post: Currently Channeling.

What’s Currently Channeling? We’re glad you asked. It’s a story that we used to run every month on the site that spotlighted a pop culture reference such as a film, character, or music album. Within the post, we’d illustrate how this reference related to current trends, and offered shopping items to complete the look. Sounds pretty fun, right? Thankfully, nothing is set in stone on the internet, so we’re bringin’ it back. See below for a roundup of some of our greatest Currently Channeling hits to get you up to speed on what the story will be like.

Once you’re through, shop our star-worthy picks, and be sure to leave which film you’d like to see in next month’s edition of Currently Channeling.