This Is What Cher Horowitz's Closet Would Look Like Today


Getty Images

It's been 23 years since we first saw Cher Horowitz style an outfit on a computer screen and then have it delivered practically to her feet before the start of the school day. "A way normal life for a teenage girl," the ingenue told us in 1995. In a pre–Amazon Prime and Net-a-Porter same-day delivery world, her closet seemed nothing short of magical.

In all the time since we first watched Clueless, and despite millions of technological advancements (also see: Horowitz's cell phone), the opening scene of the cult classic hasn't really lost its ability to impress. But could it use a few updates? Oh, you bet.

In case you "couldn't help but wonder," take a look at Modsy's interpretation of what a present-day Carrie Bradshaw apartment would look like too.