Cashmere at Every Price: What You Need to Know


Collage Vintage

Ah, cashmere—there’s something so luxurious about the soft, cozy feel of a sweater knitted from the stuff. While that same luxury means you can splurge thousands of dollars on a single sweater, we’ve seen plenty of fast-fashion brands taking a stab at 100% cashmere styles too. Which led us to wonder: What can you expect from cashmere at every price?

Assuming there would be some major differences between a $200 and $2000 sweater, we turned to Matthew Scanlan, founder of direct-to-consumer cashmere provider Naadam, to break down the major differences between expensive and more affordable cashmere. Then, to make it easy, we created a handy infographic based on his expert knowledge of all things cozy. From what to expect in raw materials to where manufacturing comes in, you’ll find it all below.

Read on to see everything you need to know and then shop our favorite cashmere sweaters at every price point!