The Surprising Way Some Chose to Spend Black Friday


Melodie Jeng/Getty

Black Friday is synonymous with the kickoff of holiday shopping. It's a day when we witness civilians scrambling to score the best deals on a laundry list of items, engaging in a post-Thanksgiving buying frenzy incongruent with the leisurely meal enjoyed the day before. Each year, retailers entice us with discounts too good to ignore, and we find ourselves at the mercy of our favorite shopping sites and stores, racing against the clock to check everything off our lists.

But not all are partaking in the consumerism-driven tradition. Since the '90s, those opting out of Black Friday have been celebrating Buy Nothing Day instead. According to Adbusters, the day is meant to "inspire worldwide personal and collective action against consumerism." Many took to social media to spread the message, and #BuyNothingDay became a trending topic. However you declare the day after Thanksgiving, it is refreshing to take a step back to consider how you choose to make the holidays meaningful to you.

How did you choose to spend Black Friday? Head to the comments to let us know what you think of the Thanksgiving break tradition.