Engaged? Remember to Buy These 14 Things


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Here's a fun fact: I recently got engaged (!), and it quickly became apparent to me why people say that planning a wedding is such a major undertaking. I'm certainly enjoying the process, but I'll admit that it's an understatement to say there's a lot to think about, decide, and do, and those regular countdown emails from The Knot serve as a reminder that the big day is very quickly approaching. But instead of getting overwhelmed, I've opted to make a master list (which gets longer by the day) of everything I need to do between now and then, and as you might expect, it's filled with items of the sartorial nature, many of which are things I'd never thought about pre-engagement.

As you know, the all-important wedding dress gets most of the attention, but there are a slew of other accessories and outfits that need to be purchased as far in advance as possible. Accordingly, I went through my own list to help you prepare for all of those non–wedding dress purchases you may not have thought out yet. And because making a list is only half the battle, I've included pretty suggestions to shop for each item. Read on to shop the editor-approved wedding essentials you'll need (besides the dress).