I Have Thin Hair, But These 17 Bob Styles Are Convincing Me to Get the Chop

From the butterfly bob and the flipped bob to the stacked bob and the A-line bob, bob haircuts are majorly on trend right now. If you have long fine hair, and are considering the chop, then you may have found yourself wondering which style of bob is best for you. After all, hair texture plays a big role in how a haircut sits and how it looks as it grows out.

Right now, your main hair goals are probably all about adding volume and texture, boosting your roots and thickening your lengths. While you've probably already sussed out the best ways to style long fine hair, you might not have given much thought to how this could change with a shorter style.


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The thing is, when fine hair is short, it's actually much easier to style than when it's long. Since you don't have as much hair to weight roots down, it's also easier to add volume and texture, and you'll find that wavy and curly styles last much longer when your hair is shorter, too. It's true, if yo dream of thicker-looking hair, then a bob really could be the answer to all of your fine hair woes.

Keep scrolling for all the styling inspiration you need, as well as the best products to thicken and volumise your fine hair.

The best bob styles for fine hair:


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A soft, face-framing wave creates the illusion of thickness in fine hair.


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Opt for a super-straight, silky finish to your bob and style the ends inwards to recreate this chic style.


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If you prefer to style your hair back from your face, leave a couple of face-framing strands to add movement.


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With the right styling tools and products we love a volumising foam), you'll find it's much easier to create shape and structure in short hair than it is long hair.


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Tousled strands are the oldest trick in the book for making fine hair look thicker. 


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The best thing about fine hair is that it doesn't have the weight of thick hair, making it easy to shape into short styles like this one.


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Create shape by styling the ends of your bob inwards (use a straightener). This results in a rounded shape, so limp strands are automatically boosted.


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Ask your hairdresser to cut your bob with blunt ends—an effortless way to make hair appear thicker.


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A soft flick at the ends is not only bang on trend but perfect for pepping up naturally straight fine hair.


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The latest trending hairstyles aren't all about volume. Lean into your hairs' finer texture with a silky straight bob.


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If your hair tends to be thicker at the ends, then a longer, shoulder-grazing bob may suit you better than a short one.



Sleeping with your hair in plaits or blasting the hairdryer through it with your head upside down are quick and easy ways to add instant volume.


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Define the shape and structure of your bob by shaping the ends—requesting subtle layers from your hairdresser will add to the effect.


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Vintage-inspired waves add structure to hair—focus the definition in the lengths and ends.


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Got curly hair? You're in luck. Curls always make hair appear thicker. Use a curl defining cream to keep them bouyant and boosted.


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The way you colour your bob—for example requesting balayage and lighter front pieces—can also make hair appear thicker than it is.


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Even if you can't stop your roots from falling flat, adding volume to the ends of your bob can give the illusion of thicker hair.

The best products for styling bobs with fine hair:

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