So Many Celebrities Are Getting Box Bobs— 24 Styles That Are Convincing Me Too

Last year Hailey Bieber opted for a fresh new trim and kicked off a haircut trend that was officially declared the haircut of 2023. Yes, 2023 was the year of the 'box bob'—and once again we had Bieber to thank for another defining beauty look. Naturally the trend has prevailed, and bobs are just as (if not even more) relevant in 2024—but not all bobs are created equal, and what we love about the box bob is how light and choppy it is. So, what to request from your hairdresser if you want to try out this trend?

First things first, while it is blocky, this is not a classic blunt bob, so you’ll want to avoid a super-precise finish. Likewise, the ends are not gradually layered and are definitely not tapered, so ask instead for texturised layers which are created by cutting at an angle rather than straight across. This style isn't just about removing length—the bulk of the weight needs to be removed, which helps to keep it feeling light and makes it easy to style. This is also great if you already have naturally thin or fine hair, since the style is less about volume at the roots and more about movement through the lengths.


(Image credit: @HAILEYBIEBER)

Consider adding a few slightly shorter strands at the front of your hair—this breaks the line and prevents the style from looking too angular. Plus, adding some face-framing strands is a great idea if you frequently plan on wearing your hair in an up-do. In comparison to some bob haircuts, the box bob is fairly long, which is great because it allows for plenty of styling options. Above all, to keep a textured finish and maintain movement, don't opt for anything too polished. Texturising mists and matte pomades will be all you'll need to effortlessly create a tousled effect, while salt sprays will help to add shape if your hair is naturally super straight.


(Image credit: @HAILEYBIEBER)

As someone who has had waist-skimming hair for the past decade, I have to admit I’m feeling tempted... The idea of a jaw-skimming choppy bob with blunt ends and plenty of movement through the lengths to prevent it from falling flat is oh so appealing. There really is something about a bob—maybe it’s the low maintenance or maybe it’s the undeniable ‘cool girl’ vibe it gives off—that’s got me seriously considering the chop. It’s chic, effortless, and looks great on everyone.

If you’re also feeling tempted, we've rounded up a selection of the very the best box bob haircuts. Yep, everything you need to screenshot for your hairdresser.

The Best Box Bob Hairstyles:


Hailey Bieber
(Image credit: @HAILEYBIEBER)

According to Hailey, her already iconic box bob was inspired by the choppy style worn by Gwyneth Paltrow as Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums.


Laura Wills

Use a wave-enhancing spray or cream to add movement and keep ends looking choppy.


Aimee Song
(Image credit: @AIMEESONG)

A box bob is the perfect style to show off some subtle blonde balayage.


TyLynn Nguyen
(Image credit: @TYLYNNNGUYEN)

This style can be adapted to all hair lengths and textures. TyLynn's super short box bob look is so chic.


Chloe Miles
(Image credit: @CHLOEHELENMILES)

This look really shows how a box bob with blunt ends can make hair look thick and full of volume.


Alexa Chung
(Image credit: @ALEXACHUNG)

No one does a bob quite like Alexa Chung—here she proves that a box bob and side part can be a winning combo.


Hilary Duff
(Image credit: @NIKKILEE901)

Hilary Duff proves that the wet look is a fun way to update or glam up your box bob for a special occasion.


Ama Godson
(Image credit: @AMAGODSON_A)

Sleek, straight, and swept in at the ends—we love this super polished box bob style.


Debora Rosa
(Image credit: @DEBORABROSA)

Debora Rosa proves that even when grown out, the choppy ends and lifted front layers of a box bob look great.


Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell's box bob always looks effortlessly cool. Here she demonstrates the way that longer frontal layers can be used to create the illusion of length.


Jill Wallace

Want to accessorise? Clips work so well in short hair.


Emma Chamberlain
(Image credit: @NIKKILEE901)

Emma's choppy box bob proves that all you need is the right styling products to add shape and create movement.


Nina Nesbitt
(Image credit: @NINANESBITT)

No matter what your hair length, texture always elevates a look.


Franny Monzemba
(Image credit: @FRANNFYNE)

Franny's micro-fringe is so on trend paired with her box bob.


Bettina Looney
(Image credit: @BETTINALOONEY)

Waves and a box bob are a match made in heaven. We're obsessed with Bettina's glamourous Old Hollywood style.


Jen Landon
(Image credit: @CHADKENYON)

Jen Landon's jaw-length box bob and fresh blonde balayage is everything.


Lucy Hale
(Image credit: @LUCYHALE)

A shoulder-skimming box bob not only looks chic, but has just enough length to style in an up-do as well.


Kimmy Shields
(Image credit: @CHADKENYON)

The best thing about short hair? The minimal time needed to style it. Use straighteners and a styling cream to recreate Kimmy's beachy waves.


Ashley Benson
(Image credit: @ANTHONYHOLGUIN)

A box bob gives the appearance of effortless texture and body, even on fine hair.


Taylor Hill
(Image credit: @ANTHONYHOLGUIN)

Subtle highlights (especially face-framing ones) are great for adding dimension to a one-length box bob. 


Chloe Holmes
(Image credit: @ANTHONYHOLGUIN)

If you want to freshen up your box bob for summer, bright blonde and soft beachy waves are the way to do it.


Lelet NY
(Image credit: @LELETNY)

Another major perk of a box bob? Tuck behind your ears to show off your earrings.

Blunt bob

(Image credit: @caitlinmiyako)

Proof that even a 'just woke up like this' moment can look chic with a tousled box bob.

Blunt bob

(Image credit: @salome.mory)

As proven above, there are multiple ways to style a box bob, but we love this sleek, straight, classic look.

The Best Hair Products for Bobs:

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