6 Hairstyles That Make Thin Hair Look Instantly Thicker

While trending haircuts come and go and certain hair colors feel more seasonal than others, there's a certain hairstyle that people search for all year round: the best one for thin hair. Sure, it's vague, but it's undeniable that our quest for thicker-looking hair is timeless. And between seeking out the best strand-boosting products to the colors that actually look good on finer hair, we've been really getting our heads down here at Who What Wear to find out what works. 

Luckily, with hair experts on hand to answer all of our thin hair questions, we've come up with a conclusive list of the best hairstyles for thin hair. Yes, from salon cuts to at-home 'dos, these six hairstyles will genuinely make thin hair look thicker.

1. Blunt Bobs

It's good that hair salons are open again because thin hair really benefits from regular trims to avoid those straggly ends that can make fine hair look even finer. "Always maintain a six-weekly trim, even if it's just that millimeter to keep things sharp," advises Darren FowlerKérastase Expert and Owner of Fowler35 Salon. "At Fowler35, we use a technique that gives invisible structure and support to fine hair in the right areas—it works wonders!"

With this in mind, Fowler is a big fan of sharp, blunt haircuts for thin hair. "Stay with a haircut that has a lot of good, strong, blunt lines," he suggests." 

Blunt bobs for thin hair



A classic center-parted bob always looks good.

Blunt bobs for thin hair



Switch to a side part and use straighteners to curl your blunt ends under for a volume boost.

Textured lengths pair perfectly with blunt ends.

2. Layered Lengths

On the flip side, opting for a haircut with layers is a surefire way to add lift to finer strands. "Layers are great for creating the appearance of thickness and volume to any hair look," says Suzie McGill, Schwarzkopf UK Ambassador. and Owner of Rainbow Room International Artistic Director. "Pairing layers with a bob or lob haircut is a particularly beneficial hairstyle for those with thinner hair as it allows for further volume while getting rid of any thin and wispy ends for a nice blunt, thick-hair finish."

So. Much. Volume.

Layered lengths for thin hair



Keeping the layers shorter at the front of your face and longer at the back adds shape and movement to finer hair.

Layered lengths for thin hair



Layers don't have to be dramatic—even micro ones will add lift.

3. Pixie Cuts

If you're ready for a real hair transformation then a pixie cut is about as dramatic as it comes for a shorter style—and hairstylists swear by it. "For those feeling more daring, pixie cuts are a fantastic hairstyle for those with thin hair," suggests McGill. "Keeping these haircuts choppy on the top helps to enhance your hair's body—and height is key. Pixie cuts can also be styled in a very textured, effortless way for added volume."

Pixie cuts for thin hair



A classic pixie cut adds plenty of texture to thin hair.

Keep the layers longer on top if you're not quite ready to chop all of your hair off just yet.

Pixie cuts for thin hair



Pixie cuts work well on coily and curly hair as it emphasises the hair's natural texture for a fuller-looking style.

4. Curtain Bangs

It's a common misconception that bangs make fine hair look thinner. In fact, chopping in some fringe might just be a low-maintenance way to help your style to look more full. "If you don’t want to change up your look too much then adding in a curtain fringe is a great idea," says McGill. "This type of fringe helps to frame the face and add dimension—drawing attention to the fringe instead of the rest of your hair. "

This dramatic sweeping fringe looks thick and bouncy.

There's no denying that curtain bangs look incredibly cool. 

Curtain fringe for thin hair



This style of fringe looks so chic when the rest of your hair is pulled back.

5. The Shag

Possibly the most recommended hairstyle of 2021, it turns out that the shag is also a surefire hit for making thin hair look thicker. "I've loved creating a shag for those with fine hair this season," says  Fowler. "It's soft, chic, and cool all in one haircut—and it really makes the most of fine tresses."

This trending style oozes '70s appeal.

Shag haircut for thin hair



Ask your stylist to chop and change the length of your layers for additional texture.

Curtain bangs + shag haircut = the ultimate hair-thickening duo.

6. Ponytails

A ponytail is the ultimate low-maintenance hairstyle, so it's a brilliant way to cheat thicker-looking hair if you're short on time. The secret to success? "Ponytails make your hair look thicker in appearance due to the hair all being in the one place," explains McGill. "You can create waves in your hair before securing your ponytail or apply some mousse or a texturizing spray to damp hair before tying into a ponytail for an effortless and textured finish."

And Fowler agrees that this hair-thickening style is all about the product. "Add some volume spray or a powder for your roots and twist hair into a low pony, pulling some pieces out on top and at the sides for a chic low-maintenance style," they suggest.

Ponytails for thin hair



By wearing your ponytail high on your head, you'll create the appearance of thick, cascading strands.

Ponytails for thin hair



A bubble braid—where you secure your ponytail with multiple hairbands—is one of this summer's trending hairstyles, and it's perfect for thin hair as the "bubbles" create the illusion of extra thickness.

Ponytails for thin hair



This fuss-free ponytail is instantly elevated with a chic hair scarf.

Shop the Best Styling Products for Thin Hair

"My current favorite for volume on thin hair is the Kérastase Densifique Mousse which gives hair density and fullness," says Fowler. "It is really lightweight and contains hyaluronic acid which adds plumpness to the hair to give it bounce and a fuller appearance."

Pair NatureLab's volumizing shampoo with its conditioner, which also works to prevent hair loss and boost overall scalp health. 

"For styling, I love Shu Uemura Tsuki Shape. It helps to give your hair natural definition and soft texture which is great on fine hair," explains Fowler.

The name says it all here. This is the ultimate volumizing spray—delivering lift, body, and bounce to even the finest of strands.

This is McGill's salt spray of choice who says that a good texturizing product is "essential for an instant tousled finish."

If thicker, longer hair is what you're after, it's worth mixing in Nutrafol supplements. These are clinically proven to help improve growth and thickness. 

Sprinkle a little of this through the roots of your hair to add instant volume and lift.

Living Proof's innovative heat-activated spray gives you tons of volume at the roots that lasts all day. Spray into your roots before blow-drying for effortless lift. 

Hit your strands with a blast of volume at the end of your styling. This texture spray is lightweight but gives tons of lift. 

Not only does this innovative shampoo immediately make hair look fuller, but it actually improves scalp health to prevent future hair loss.

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