The Boot Style That Will Soon Be Back-Ordered Everywhere

Unless you like trudging through cold, wet snow, you may not like this, but all the good snow boots (stylish or not) will be all sold out soon, and it's time to face that reality. The thing is that there's really no replacement for the most functional of winter shoes, and last year's ice and salt likely took a toll on many cold-climate dwellers' snow boots, so it's undoubtedly an essential seasonal purchase. 

One InStyle editor made the mistake of waiting last year, only to realize that all the stylish ones were already back-ordered. She said, "I attempted to order a new pair of duck boots right after Thanksgiving. 'Back-ordered until March,' the screen mocked me once, twice, five times over as I desperately bounced between sites." For the best selection, she advises ordering a pair "right after summer wraps, but before the last leaves fall."

Live in a snowy climate? Take the wise editor's advice and order your winter boots now. As blissful as being in denial about the blizzards to come can be, it won't do you any good in the long run. 

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