What Do French Girls Really Think About American Style? We Investigate



We've talked about French-girl style at length, and there's no doubting our fascination with the easy, effortless look Parisians are known for. From a close look at their date-night outfits to their philosophy on which bags to buy (and the ones they avoid), we've zeroed in on what makes their style, well, French. But what about American style—how does that fit into their fashion choices?

We wanted to find out what French girls really think about American style. Is it something that inspires them? And if so, what are the pieces they borrow and work into their wardrobes? To find out, we went straight to the source and asked some of the most stylish French girls we know to weigh in with their opinions. Ahead, they share their honest takes on the topic and the pieces they borrow from American style—including their favorite U.S. designers.

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"It's hard to describe 'American style' in a general way. But I would say that the main difference, I believe, between French and American style is that American women don't seem so afraid of showing they tried to achieve a perfect look, style- and beauty-wise. Also, there are a lot of amazing American brands I love to wear, and I've never found better vintage marketplaces than in the U.S." — Sabina Socol, social editor, L'Officiel Paris


Style this flattering white jumpsuit with block heels. 

"I admire the fact that American women are not afraid to take risks. They wear colors, prints, and statement jewelry with a lot of confidence. When it comes to bold jewelry pieces, I get really inspired by the American style. There's still this culture of glamour and sophistication that comes from Hollywood's Golden Age. I like adding multiple cuff bracelets to a very simple black silk dress to give that Golden Era vibe." — Sarah Nait, blogger, Sarah Nait

"I think the American style has changed a bit. Before, I would tell you 100% that the American style is Carrie Bradshaw's closet. It was very bold and colorful, full of life and energy—a dream wardrobe! Nowadays, I feel that there is a movement for vintage forms with pastel colors in the 'social media–famous' U.S. brands like Reformation and Lisa Says Gah. There is still a clear boldness attitude but more in the forms than in the fabrics or colors." — Parysatis Peymani, Creative Consultant, Ykone


This light-blue heel would be chic with a summer dress. 

"Everyone judges the style of American women—they don't put in any effort to dress up, or that they are too sophisticated and have nothing natural on them. I don't agree because I love to dress up with pieces from the codes of American universities, like an oversize sweatshirt or even American streetwear brands. American women are not only dressed in leggings, and when I see all the Parisian ladies dressed in Levi's, I think we sometimes forget the history of this historic American brand!" — Kenza Sadoun-El Glaoui, blogger, La Revue de Kenza


French girls are wearing their Levi's with white lace tops. 

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