14 Fashion Items in French Girls' Amazon Carts



French women know good style. We've purely had to accept that fact and thus make it our mission to dive into the details that make their pared-back, sophisticated style so good. But we hardly need to explain that to you, since we cover French-girl style a lot (though if you need a quick refresher, I suggest you study up on what's on their shopping lists and the fall trends they're loving). Since we're never not inspired by what by what our European fashion friends are wearing, we take every opportunity to discover where they shop, how they shop, and what they shop for.

Our curiosity goes so far as to lead us to another shopping destination we all shamelessly shop: Amazon's fashion section. We asked a few of our favorite French girls to share the items that can be regularly found in their Amazon shopping carts. You might think of Amazon fashion as a place to quickly pick up a few cheap accessories or basic wardrobe staples, but French girls have some shopping tips up their sleeve to help them uncover the chicest finds on the site.

From the ankle boots style blogger Kenza wears nearly every day to the chic wool coat Aria recommends, their buys are as stylish as they are (not that we're surprised). Keep reading to find out about their must-have Amazon items, and then shop their picks.

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