Bravo's Style Authority Talks How To Look Your Best On and Off Camera

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    A rising style blogger, Kerr knows a thing or two about fashion. Here, she shares 7 of her trusty outfit tips, along with advice on how to look picture-perfect in front of the camera.

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    How To: Balance an Edgy And Sweet Look

     Fashion Tip: Mix leopard and plaid with an ultra- feminine, sparkly statement necklace.


    Camera Tip: “Know your best angles. Go through some photographs of yourself and find the ones you like the best. Chances are the angles are the same.”

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    How To: Do Ladylike Dressing For Daytime

    Fashion Tip: Channel Audrey Hepburn with a moody dark floral skirt and retro sunglasses.


    Camera Tip: “If you can't tone it, tan it! A quick spray tan will immediately make you look 10 pounds lighter. “

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    How To: Handle A Bad Hair Day

     Beauty Tip: Toss your untamed mane into a messy updo and no one will be the wiser.


    Camera Tip:Wash your hair the day before a photo shoot. "Morning of" hair can be more unruly and frizzy, and the extra oil will translate as shine on camera.”

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    How To: Spice Up An All-Black Outfit

    Fashion Tip: Throw a bold print like camouflage or leopard into the mix to break up the color monotony and catch the eye.


    Camera Tip:A nude or metallic heel is your best friend. The shoe will disappear and you'll photograph like you've got legs for days (even if you don't!).”

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    How To: Wear Head-To-Toe Leather

    Fashion Tip: Pair pieces in different colors and leave the head-to-toe black leather look to bikers and S&M enthusiasts. Also, shiny statement jewelry offsets the matte finish of the leather.


    Camera Tip: “Yes, black might be known for making us look thinner, but a bright, bold color will capture the flash and pop on camera.”

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    How To: Pick The Right Glasses For Your Face Shape

    Fashion Tip: The general rule-of-thumb is to play against your facial contours. So if you have round features, choose angular frames and vice versa.


    Camera Tip: “Use a foundation with an illuminator in it—your skin will glow! And remember to exfoliate beforehand, too.”

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    How To: Think Outside The Box When It Comes To Cocktail Attire

    Fashion Tip:  The biggest revelation in eveningwear this season?  White is the new black.  Test drive the trend for yourself with a tuxedo dress and funky flats.


    Camera Tip: “Don't forget to smile! Happiest girls are the prettiest girls.”

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