7 Secrets Celebs Use to Feel Completely Comfortable in a White Dress

White dresses of all shapes and sizes are a huge trend every summer. And each time summer rolls around, I so badly want to partake in this trend, but I find myself hesitant for more reasons than one. My internal monologue goes a little something like this: "Yes, wearing nude undergarments seems only natural, but what kinds? Should I have more coverage under there or less? Are slips an option? How should I style these all white garments? And what if I spill something on it midday?"

Instead of letting these worries get me down and prevent me from becoming the owner of a white dress of my own, I decided to reach out to four very well-respected celebrity stylists to see how they prep the stars for wearing the wardrobe staple that is the white dress. With the advice from stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, Cher Coulter, and Jamie Mizrahi, I finally feel confidant enough to rock this summer trend, and hopefully after reading their tips, you will too. 

Scroll down to see what these three top celebrity stylists have to say about the matter! 

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