The Jeans You Should Be Wearing With Your Uggs This Fall

It was a day like any other, until while casually scrolling through Instagram stories, we came across something quite unexpected. Gilda Ambrosio, designer and co-founder of the ultimate It-girl brand Attico, took a shameless mirror picture showing off a new pair of Attico jeans. But the jeans weren't what left us shook—it was the Ugg Boots she paired with them.

Yes, my friends, the fashion icon we all secretly (or not so secretly) aspire to dress like wore the classic boots and looked comfortably phenomenal. So this fall, if you're having an Uggs kind of a day, Gilda has proven that Attico jeans are where it's at when it comes to the perfect denim counterpart. While the exact jeans she's wearing in her story aren't available quite yet, we've shopped out a pair that are. Because let's face it—sometimes, every day is an Uggs kind of day, and thanks to Gilda, those days have been fashion girl–approved.

Go on to see how Gilda Ambrosio wore her Uggs this fall and to shop the look for yourself.

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