Ditch These 3 Pieces to Master French-Girl Style


Getty Images

So you’ve booked that flight to Charles de Gaulle, and now you’re wondering what to wear in Paris. You’ll be shopping in the Marais, grabbing lunch at Café de Flore, and taking in the art at Musée d’Orsay—but you still want to blend in with the chic Parisians. If there’s anyone who knows the winning outfits to throw on during your visit, it’s some of our favorite French girls. Curious to know what they recommend to blend in with the locals, we asked Sarah Nait, Anne-Laure Mais, and Sabina Socol to weigh in on the pieces they would recommend for a trip to Paris and the ones they would steer clear of.

We were most interested to discover some items they would ditch. Topping their list of pieces to leave at home are big bags, bright colors, and anything too form-fitting. Instead, stick to elevated basics like ankle boots, tailored outerwear, and vintage-inspired high-waisted jeans. And they’d even add in a leather beret—a typically cliché Parisian piece that’s making a comeback this season thanks to brands like Dior and Gucci.

Go on to shop three outfits that are French girl–approved.