The 6-Piece Paris Packing List

If you’re heading on a summer trip to Paris and are wondering what to pack, your best bet is to take a look at what stylish French girls are wearing. On the brink of booking a trip myself, I was interested to dive into the Instagram accounts of cool Parisians to find out the pieces they’re wearing on repeat for summer 2018, and I came up with some interesting findings.

At this point, we know that French girls do cool, effortless style better than anyone else, and there are some key items they’re wearing to achieve the look. Many of them, like printed dresses, are timeless and can be worn season after season. But there are some other interesting items like beaded beads and safari jackets that are more unexpected. Ahead take a look at the six-piece Paris packing list for items you’ll want to bring on your trip.




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Gold heels


Trésors satinés

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Pretty tops


Morning walk ✨

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Printed dresses


Sun(day) ☀️

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Beaded bags



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Safari Jackets


Sun is back ???? @massimodutti #dressedindutti

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And now, how to get Italian summer style.