7 Chic Shoes London Women Are Wearing With Linen Trousers and Dresses This Summer

Summer is in full swing in London and one of the biggest differences I'm noticing in the outfits of its stylish inhabitants is shoes: I haven't seen a boot in weeks (that includes those of the cowboy variety) and socks have all but disappeared from loafer looks. In their place are sandals aplenty, flat shoes you can throw on with anything, from jeans to miniskirts, and low-effort heels that add elegance to even the most everyday of ensembles.

Let's get into more detail, shall we? Call me bias but I think London fashion people are some of the coolest dressers in Europe, and their shoe choices tend to reflect that. Of course, they enjoy classic styles just as much as their French counterparts, but in the mix are some unexpected additions to a shoedrobe.

Having surveyed the feeds of some of my favourite influencers who reside in the city, coupled with the real-life outfits I spotted on my last trip into the centre of town, scroll on to see the London summer shoe trends that are on my radar this season.

1. Chunky Thong Sandals

London Summer Shoe Trends: @monikh wears a pair of white thong sandals with a green printed slip skirt and white shirt

(Image credit: @monikh)

Style Notes: As soon as the sun comes out, one sandal trend you're guaranteed to see on the streets of London is the thong sandal. In place of the flimsy, flip-flop silhouettes worn on holidays, London women look for pairs with a thick, structured sole, which gives significantly more support when commuting around the capital.

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2. Slingback Shoes

London Summer Shoe Trends: @emswells wears a pair of slingback sandals with jeans and a yellow drape top

(Image credit: @emswells)

Style Notes: Like the rest of the fashion industry, London women have adopted the more elegant trends coming through this year as their own. This is manifesting in a big way on the shoe scene, where I'm seeing more and more people opting for sophisticated-looking slingback shoes. What makes these especially summertime appropriate is their open backs, which allow the foot to breathe even when temperatures peak.

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3. Ballet Flats

London Summer Shoe Trends: @symphonyofsilk wears a pair of ballet flats with a black miniskirt and a white tee

(Image credit: @symphonyofsilk)

Style Notes: Flat shoes are integral to the London aesthetic—when I lived in the capital I'd clock up at least 10,000 steps just getting where I needed to go, so owning a pair of comfortable flat shoes was essential. In place of loafers, which loan themselves better to spring looks, London dwellers are still wearing ballet flats, which have dominated the best part of 2024. Why not try softer fabrications while the weather allows, such as suede and mesh.

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4. Colourful Trainers

London Summer Shoe Trends: @francescasaffari  wears blue trainers with white shorts and a grey tee

(Image credit: @francescasaffari)

Style Notes: Sharing the same sentiment I outlined above, I'd argue that London fashion people wear trainers more than anyone else, whether it's running to the station or getting around the centre on foot. While black and white sneakers will always be found in the city, bright colours always come to the fore in the summer months. Right now, I'm seeing a lot of green and blue kicks particularly.

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5. Leather Sliders

London Summer Shoe Trends: @styleidealist wears a linen waistcoat trouser suit with tan slider sandals

(Image credit: @styleidealist)

Style Notes: The London style set have a honed eye for classic pieces as well as more trending items—how they combine the two being one of the best things about the capital's eclectic style offering. So, if you're looking for a sandal option that is timeless and incredibly versatile, look no further than the leather slider. Featuring a thick cutout or woven strap across the toes, these flat sandals pair especially well with dresses, skirts or slightly cropped trousers where you can see this detailing.

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6. Low-Heel Mules

London Summer Shoe Trends: @daniellejinadu wears a black bandeau top with white trousers and black kitten-heel mules

(Image credit: @daniellejinadu)

Style Notes: Another common thread woven through London's summer shoe trends this year is nostalgia, with many of the pairs we've outlined having distinctly '90s roots. Here's another for you—kitten heel mules. The low-heel is imperative here, especially when you consider the unevenness of the capital's pavements and many cobbled streets.

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7. Wooden-Sole Clogs

London Summer Shoe Trends: @lucywilliams02 wears a black draped jersey dress with wooden-sole clogs

(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)

Style Notes: London fashion people have long been devoted to Birkenstock Boston clogs—the flat suede shoe with the closed toe, and while they'll continue to wear them in the summer months, they can often look somewhat out-of-season. Styles with wooden soles, however, feel distinctly warm-weather worthy.

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