The Introvert's Guide to Fall Shopping

Ah, fall… Yes, it marks the arrival of sweater weather and pumpkin spice season. But most importantly, for those of us who prefer to just stay in, it's finally that time when we can curl up under a blanket, book in hand, and just chill. As it gets dark earlier, and the temperatures start to drop, it's much easier to skip a Friday night's social obligations and spend an evening solo, just taking it easy.

Introverts know that fall is the perfect season for embracing the cozy lifestyle. But part of the package—besides a Netflix subscription, of course—is the right wardrobe. Sleepy pieces from slip dresses to sweaters to pajamas are the staples that make a low-key lifestyle all the better. For that reason, we picked out a few of our favorite comfy-chic styles that can help you embrace the non-party lifestyle, though most of the looks can be worn outside of the house as well.

Read on to shop the cozy pieces every introvert needs this fall!

A cozy sweatshirt that's cute enough to wear out but is ideal for staying in.

This maxi sweaterdress is basically just a blanket.

Araks Shelby Pajama Top in Lavender ($325) and Tia Boxer ($150)

If your Friday night plans involve curling up with a good book, these pj's make the perfect outfit choice.

A robe-meets-coat situation that looks great with jeans and a basic tee. 


Fuzzy sandals are the soft, cloud-like dream of footwear you never knew you needed. 

You could hit the gym in this hoodie, but you'll look just as cool wearing it on the couch. 

If there's no phrase more exciting to you than "sweater season," this is exactly what you need.

If you have to make a quick trip outdoors, keep your mellow vibes going with a pair of soft velvet slippers.

Who needs friends when you can have this sweater?

Sure, these sweats look sporty, but they're the ideal cozy pick for a cold day.

A soft, cozy sweaterdress is the ideal pick for a night in with the Sex and the City crew.

When the night comes along where you're obligated to go out for a little while, a slip dress will help you stick with your mellow look until you can head home again.

The Row Sisea Silk Stain Blouse ($1490) and Paba Silk Satin Pants ($1550)

No, these aren't pajamas, but this oversize set might as well be when you need it!

Topshop Striped Pyjama Nightshirt ($50) and Trousers ($38)

Take these pajamas from rest to recreation by swapping the bottoms for a pair of relaxed jeans.

Need more fall inspiration? Here are the summer pieces to put away now!

Opening Image: A Love Is Blind

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