11 Layering Tricks to Try When It's 50 Degrees Out

Cold weather is on the horizon, and we’re more than ready to pull out the oversize jackets and cozy sweaters. The days ahead promise plenty of transitional weather that can make dressing and staying comfortable tricky. If you’re scratching your head over what to wear in 50-degree weather, we have a few ideas.

Take a cue from former Farfetch Fashion Director Yasmin Sewell and layer a bell-sleeve top under a short-sleeve dress to avoid bare arms and add a bit of drama in one fell swoop. Consider MyTheresa Fashion Buying Director Tiffany Hsu’s unconventional evening look for your next night out by pairing a knit turtleneck and denim jacket with your flounciest skirt. (Prada’s pink marabou feathers are optional but never a bad idea.) Or try Tank CEO Caroline Issa’s easy, sophisticated combo of an olive-green sweater and jeans under a tailored plaid coat. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Below are 11 foolproof outfits to wear for a fall or winter day that’s a bit brisk but not full-on freezing. Plus, shop cool pieces that make layering a cinch.

Add a bit of color with burgundy socks and yellow-tinted shades.

Comfy on top, party on the bottom.

The dramatic shape of this coat is elegant without making the outfit stuffy.

Take your summer dresses into fall with a long-sleeve layer underneath.

This mixed-material ensemble is impressive on its own, but the neck scarf takes it up a notch.

These layers are as practical as they are stylish.

Reconsider ultra-wide-leg pants; they've come a long way from the JNCO years.

Warm, neutral colors and a timeless silhouette make this a classic choice.

Dress up a hoodie with cropped trousers and embellished shoes.

Between the quilted jacket and the velvet pants, this look is all about the rich textures.

With a coat like this, you can keep the rest of the look simple. All the details here still feel well-considered.

Shop Cool Layering Pieces

A fleece pullover plus a turtleneck plus jeans equals fall outfit gold.

If these aren't screaming "buy me," we don't know what would.

Corduroy is just right for 50-degree weather.

Jumpsuits aren't just for the warm months.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Allyson Payer.

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