I'm French But Live on the West Coast—Here's What's on My Fall Shopping List

We follow a lot of French women on Instagram, so this is saying a lot, but Claire Most is one of our favorite French women to follow on Instagram. One scroll through her feed and you'll see why, but just to reiterate, she has a cool and casual style that it's impossible to not want to emulate, she's constantly introducing us to new and under-the-radar brands, and don't even get us started on her gorgeous hair and makeup looks.

Most is originally from Paris but moved to Portland, Oregan last year. And while she certainly seems to have adapted to the West Coast lifestyle, she's stayed true to her French-girl roots, regularly mixing classic pieces (like straight-leg jeans, white tank tops, and trenches) with more directional ones and pretty pieces with streetwear. (Oh, and we'd be remiss to not mention her epic sneaker collection). 

Since summer is drawing to a close and we all have fall on the brains, we obviously want to know what stylish women (i.e., Claire Most) have on their shopping lists. She obliged and shared with us a variety of fittingly cool pieces that will make anyone wish for fall to hurry up and get here. Keep scrolling to see what she's shopping for this season and get a glimpse of her cool French-West Coast style.


"I am definitely obsessed with this piece. It's perfect for fall because it's a transitioning item that you can wear by itself, with a short sleeve tee or a long sleeve top or shirt!"

Printed Button-Down Shirt

"It kind of gives a school girl vibe but I really like it! Also, you can wear it under a chunky crew-neck sweater and it will create a cute '90s aesthetic."

"I also like it with an animal print, I think it will look even better with an oversize crew-neck on top of it."

Face Mask

"With the change of season, I know that my skin will start to act up and will be dehydrated. I have heard a lot of good things about this face mask. I guess it's time to try!"

Small Bag

"I am determined to buy this Telfar bag! The size is perfect; I can have all my essentials with me and avoid putting too much in it."

Cropped Cardigan

"I love summer, but I missed knits—especially cute, cropped cardigans."

"Speaking of cozy, I want my home to feel cozy too! So I am going to buy new candles to create a warm atmosphere."

Kangol hat

"I have been obsessed with Kangol hats for years but never bought any. This season, I will not sleep on it! I love how one accessory can elevate the simplest outfit."


"Summer is almost over, but I love the vintage shape of these sunglasses. And the color is going to be perfect for fall."

Oversize Leather Shacket

"The shacket (shirt jacket) is definitely an essential for fall. I initially wanted a vintage one, but this one is really cute."

Crew-Neck Sweatshirt

"The colder months are coming, and we will spend less time outside. There's gonna be a lot of working from home, and I know I'll want to wear something that will make me feel cozy and comfortable."

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