I Might as Well Have a PhD in Expensive-Looking Zara Finds—Here's What to Buy RN


(Image credit: Zara)

We all have our special skills. Aside from being an expert at finding unique gifts and making the most delicious scrambled eggs you'll ever taste, I'm really good at finding expensive-looking Zara pieces. This can prove pretty useful when I want to put together a luxe outfit but don't want to spend my entire paycheck on pricey designer goods.

I love shopping at Zara year-round, but honestly, fall is where the Spanish brand really thrives. The brand's sumptuous knits, fashion-forward silhouettes, and creative styling ideas make it one of the best places to shop and update your cold-weather wardrobe. I scoured the site from top to bottom to find plenty of posh-looking pieces that will elevate your outfit in an instant. Keep scrolling for the most expensive-looking Zara finds that will make you look like you just spent a lot on your outfit, from sleek scarf-coats to stylish sweaters. 

Judith Jones
Senior Fashion Market Editor

Judith Jones is the senior fashion market editor at Who What Wear who specializes in shopping content and trend stories with high-affiliate impact. She shares the coolest, most desirable fashion market finds and brands for every budget. Previous to working in fashion, Judith worked as a TV host on the PBS travel show Globe Trekker (airing on Netflix and Amazon Prime) sharing her passion for travel and culture.