The Best 6 Vintage Shops in Chicago

Pretty much every fashion girl we know is on the hunt for that perfect pair of vintage Levi 501 jeans or an authentic band tee. There's just something about worn-in denim and a Rolling Stones T-shirt that really gets better over time. And right now, we're zeroing in on the very best places to hunt for vintage in Chicago.

Curious to find out the best places to look for thrift pieces in Chicago, we turned to stylish local fashion girls Adeline Hocine, Emily Code, and Alexandra Skrbic, who filled us in about their favorite go-to spots. Whether you're on the hunt for cat-eye sunglasses, cool jewelry, or those Levi 501 jeans, their list of unique Chicago thrift stores is not to be missed.

Keep reading to find out which six Chicago vintage stores insiders always visit, and then shop for our favorite vintage-inspired T-shirts.


"The prime location for anyone seeking out classic silhouettes, Rawson is the perfect place to shop for light and airy pieces from cotton and silk separates to Instagram-worthy home goods." — Adeline Hocine

Una Mae's

"The real magic at Una Mae's begins when you enter its lower level. Here, you'll find the perfect collection of vintage denim, including that pair of Levi 501 jeans you're long overdue to own." — Adeline Hocine

Shangri-La Vintage

"This place is my favorite Chicago shop for '50s, '60s and '70s vintage finds. For a small space, they have a huge selection and totally affordable prices with turnover so fast you'll want to make weekly stops in. You can find anything from formal vintage clothes to old Playboy magazines, and with everything organized by time period, it's easy to choose your relic. My favorite section is the sunglasses where you can grab a cute pair of vintage cat eyes for $8." — Emily Code


"If you're a '90s kid, this vintage shop will be a nostalgia overload. You'll get lost in a rack of band tees and sequins and then find yourself in a pair of Zubaz trying to decide if the owners would be okay with you doing kickflips on one of the old-school skateboards. The best part is they always have a ton of Chicago vintage sporting apparel—I scooped a Cubs starter windbreaker just in time to hop on the bandwagon last season." — Emily Code

Rad Vintage

"Located in Andersonville, Rad Vintage offers a lot of '90s-style jerseys, sweatshirts, and accessories. If you are looking for some real vintage Lacoste or Tommy Hilfiger sweaters, for example, this is a perfect place to check." — Alexandra Skrbic

Tilly Vintage

"I found this small shop while I was grabbing coffee walking through the neighborhood. Their vintage jewelry and perfect fur coats caught my eye. They can also remodel the dresses according to your measurements for the same price. Well, that deserves an extra point." — Alexandra Skrbic

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