The Under-$100 Zara Pieces Your Wardrobe Is Missing

under 100 zara pieces


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Okay, people—it's officially game time. Fall is here, and if your wardrobe doesn't reflect that yet (an endless summer is never going to happen), then you need to start shopping ASAP. Not to get all intense on you, but in order to make the most out of the incredible trends fall has to offer, we suggest you head to the place where you can find everything you're looking for and more—for under $100. That place would be, of course, Zara.

Ahead, we've rounded up the best fall pieces at Zara, ranging from plaid blazers to fanny packs to over-the-knee boots, each ringing in under $100. This way, you really can have your cake and eat it too. Go ahead—get the bag and the dress. Otherwise, you'll risk missing out on the cool-girl styles of the season we know you've been eyeing.

Go on to shop the best fall Zara items under $100.

No, you aren't seeing things—these are the exact shoes you saw at the beginning of this story. 

A sweater this good can even make a lumberjack hat look good. 

Nothing to see here—just the coolest outfit ever.

Who knew you needed a bejeweled belt so badly? 

The skirt that officially took over fashion week. 

Pair these with a formal dress or a plain white T-shirt. 

Your next going-out ensemble is looking pretty good. 

Wear this with sweaters, bodysuits, and more. 

Alas, a shirt to pair with your new cords. 

Trouser leggings are officially a thing (and the easiest way to stay comfortable at work). 

Last but not least, we bring you the holiday dress of your dreams. 

Speaking of affordable retailers, shop the H&M sweater that's already Kaia Gerber–approved

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