These 6 Swimwear Trends Are About to Hit the Big Time


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With an ever-changing traffic system, travel plans have been few and far between for many this year. However, with the likes of Ibiza and Malta just added to the green list and lots of you heading to British beaches, many will suddenly be looking for new swimwear. Shopping for a bikini or swimsuit can be very difficult, which is why we'd always recommend approaching it as early as possible. No one wants to be running around trying to find a bikini 24 hours before a flight. We also recommend buying one that's suitable for more than one specific occasion, and if you see a suit you love out of season, hold on to it for your next holiday. 

Below, we've listed the six swimsuit trends that we have seen a lot of this year. There's a mix of simple styles, more out-there colours and some under-£100 options, meaning there really is something for everyone. Keep scrolling to see the six swimwear trends you'll see a lot of in 2021.

1. High-Leg Bottoms


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One of the most dominant swimwear trends for 2021 is high-rise swimsuit or bikini bottoms that scoop over the hip. There seems to be no limit to how high these can go. 

2. Underwire Bikini Tops


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This trend has a nostalgic glamour to it. Bikini tops that resemble a vintage bra with visible piped underwiring are having a moment in 20221.

3. Neutral Tones


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Minimalists, listen up. Not only is neutral swimwear classic, but the above images show how it can also be worn in everyday outfits.

4. Sunset Colours


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On the other end of the colour spectrum, we're seeing a lot of swimwear that resembles a tequila sunrise or a juicy fruit bowl.

5. Super Stringy


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For this one, we have TikTok and Emily Ratajkowski to thank. We're talking about swimwear so stringy that the straps look like floss. 

6. Stretchy Fabrics


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And finally, the seersucker one-piece is still going strong thanks to the brand Hunza G. The good thing is it now comes in every colour you could wish for. 

Next up, all expensive swimwear has this one thing in common.

Emma Spedding