From Flats to Kitten Heels, These Are the 8 Best Shoes to Wear With Wide-Leg Trousers This Year

Wide-leg trousers have been the breakout wardrobe must-have of the last year, and they're showing no signs of dropping off our radar in 2024. Between fashion month, where tailoring outnumbered pretty dresses two to one, and the revival of leather trousers for the cool weather, trousers are everywhere I look. Even I, a former midi-dress devotee, have fallen for the polished wardrobe staple like never before. However, wide-leg trousers can take some getting used to in terms of styling, which is why I've been looking at the best trouser-and-shoe pairings to try for the season ahead.

Anouk Yve and Marylin wearing wide-leg trousers

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As I mentioned, wide-leg trousers previously eluded me, as they always seemed to be a particularly difficult item to pair with footwear. Evidently, I’m not alone, as we’ve recently seen an increase in searches of the phrase "shoes to wear with wide-leg trousers.”

Luckily, the social media style set are offering up plenty of inspiration on this exact topic, inadvertently giving us a veritable masterclass in how to style wide-leg trousers. Whether you’re looking to style long trousers that pool around the ankle, wide-leg leather pants or traditional suit trousers, those in the know have a footwear option for every occasion.

Keep scrolling for the best shoes to wear with wide-leg trousers, including chunky boots, heeled mules, pointed-toe pumps and so much more.

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1. Wide-Leg Trousers + Simple Flats


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Style Notes: This may not be for everyone (due to the fact that many petite people will find their trousers dragging on the ground, but hey, that's the puddle-pant trend for you!). However, this super-simple pairing tends to look incredibly chic, and you’ll also be extremely comfortable. If you don't want to venture into heel territory, you can avoid puddles and wear and tear by ensuring your trouser hem is ever so slightly tailored to hit above the sole of your foot to allow for a flat shoe paring, such as a minimalist ballet flat.

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2. Wide-Leg Trousers + Pointed-Toe Heels


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Style Notes: This look means business. Pointed-toe pumps will work to elongate the leg and make you appear slightly taller (which is always a bonus if you’re on the shorter side like I am).

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3. Wide-Leg Trousers + Strappy Sandals


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Style Notes: These two are a match made in heaven. The combination of wide-leg leathers and strappy sandals feels distinctly "fashion" and will look chic no matter how you style it.

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4. Wide-Leg Trousers + Heeled Mules


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Style Notes: The contrast of wide-leg, relaxed trousers and daintier mules is a good way to balance out the proportions of an outfit. Personally, I love this cream-and-blush pairing.

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5. Wide-Leg Trousers + Sneakers


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Style Notes: To be frank, I’d wear sneakers with just about anything. I think lighter-coloured sneakers look best against wide-leg trousers, as they don’t draw the eye immediately to the base of your outfit.

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6. Wide-Leg Trousers + Chunky Loafers


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Style Notes: As we've already established, puddle trousers are a big deal right now, and while it might feel appropriate to style them with heels to keep them off the ground, choose or alter yours to the right length, and I'd argue they look their coolest worn with on-trend loafers. You need only look to Abi for proof.

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7. Wide-Leg Trousers + Ankle Boots


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Style Notes: Wide-leg leather trousers and ankle boots are a pairing we see season after season. This look works particularly well because the trousers are cropped slightly, which allows you to see more of the boot’s silhouette.

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8. Wide-Leg Trousers + Flat Clogs


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Style Notes: The spring-to-summer transition is all about comfortable clothing, and what could be more welcoming than a pair of wide-leg trousers worn with some Birkenstocks? Officially fashion's flat shoe du jour, Monikh's tan pair have just had a restock.

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