9 Pretty Summer Makeup Looks We Can't Wait to Try This Year

The clocks have gone forward and we're starting to emerge from winter hibernation, which means it's official: Spring is here, summer is on the horizon, and with the change in seasons we're ready to experiment with our makeup looks.

I've always taken great joy from applying my makeup, but during the winter it's easy to get stuck into a rut and I find myself falling into a routine of using the same products every single day. A quick slick of concealer, mascara, and brow gel becomes my daily ritual, and (I'm ashamed to admit) my blushers and eyeshadows begin to gather dust on my dressing table. But, naturally, spring is the season for change , and since the longer days and lighter evenings mean that my social calendar is starting to pick up, I'm finally feeling ready to embrace all the pretty makeup looks I've been bookmarking on Instagram recently.

It's already looking set to be a great season for beauty. From pastel eyeshadows and glossy lips to glowy skin and under-eye blush, the latest trends and product launches have me feeling majorly inspired to dig into my makeup bag, clean up my brushes, and get playing. And with holidays, weddings, and hen parties booking out my weekends, I'm seriously in need of some fresh and fun new looks.

Below, I've shared nine pretty makeup looks that will hopefully inspire us all to get creative and experiment with something new this summer.

1. Under-Eye Blush


(Image credit: @ALLLISONHO)

Under-eye blush may be the latest big TikTok trend, but this makeup artist-approved hack has long been used to create the appearance of brighter under eyes. What's more, the technique isn't as hard as you might think—simply apply your blush as normal, then blend it a little higher up into the under eye area. This works best with cream and liquid textured blushes, but you could also use a powder blush to lightly set your under eye concealer.

Get the look:

2. Lilac Shimmer


(Image credit: @TOBIMAKEUP)

Bright and bold eye makeup looks have been trending for a few years now, but they always seem to see a resurgence as we head into summer. If you're not keep on strong, graphic looks, pastel shades and shimmer formulas offer a softer and more wearable approach. Purple in particular is set to be a big trend for summer 2023, so there are plenty of lilac eyeshadow and eyeliners to be found.

Get the look:

3. Painted Lids


(Image credit: @HIMICHELLELI)

If you do fancy something a little more experimental, we love this creative 'painted' approach to eye makeup. To recreate this look, start with a muted shade blended over the lid, then two bolder colours swiped loosely over each end of the crease—eyeliners and eye paints will be easier to use than powder shadows. This is far less about precise, perfect makeup, and more about leaning into a fun and edgy vibe.

Get the look:

4. Glossy Lips


(Image credit: @AYSHA.SOW)

Last year saw the meteorric rise of the lip oil—a product that miraculously doubles up as both lip tint and lip gloss, while also nourishing lips with a cocktail of hydrating skincare ingredients. The glossy lip look is certainly here to stay for summer 2023—it pairs perfectly with glowing skin, brushed up brows, and a fresh 'no makeup-makeup' look. 

Get the look:

5. Doll Eyes


(Image credit: @ISABEL_HENDRIX)

Ahead of the launch of the Barbie movie this summer, 'doll eyes' inspired looks are already beginning to trend. This retro-inspired look is all about making eyes appear wider and brighter—so it's 100% something we can get on board with. The key to nailing this trend? A white liner to tightline the waterline, a lengthening mascara, and flawless cat-eye liner. Oh, and a pop of pastel colour if you're feeling particularly creative. 

Get the look:

6. Green Lids


(Image credit: @CHAMPAGNEMANI)

Green eye makeup looks are also going to be everywhere this summer. Of course, there are thousands of different ways to wear this versatile shade, but we particularly love this subtle nod to an editorial look. It's also super easy to pull off—just add a dot of colour to the outer and inner corners of the eyes and softly blend it out. Try pastel or brown-toned greens for an everyday look or experiment with neon or lime green if you're feeling bold.

Get the look:

7. Summer Glow 


(Image credit: @SYMPHANISOTO)

Glowing skin is always in—and never more so than in the summer months. This year more than ever, it's all about a bronzed look, whether that's on your cheekbones, forehead or eyes, so warm bronzers and orange-toned blushers are set to be your go to products. Top tip: Tie the look together by using your blusher or bronzer as an eyeshadow.

Get the look:

8. Pastel Pop


(Image credit: @ANAASMOOD)

Lilacs, mint greens, baby blue, and cool pinks are where it's at right now, which is great because when people ask me how to start wearing colourful makeup, pastels are always shades I recommend—they're so versatile and flattering to everyone. I'm obsessed with this look, which combines pastel shades on the eyes, cheeks, lips, and nails.

Get the look:

9. Shimmer Liner


(Image credit: @TRECHOLOPIS)

Editorial makeup doesn't always work for everyday, but a colourful or metallic eyeliner is one way to pull it off—and it will bring you so much joy when you glance in the mirror. Plus, it's a great way to elevate a low-key, no-makeup look from day to night.

Get the look:

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