Trust Me: These Are the Best Under-Eye Concealers to Help Disguise Dark Circles

I have been a long-time sufferer of dark circles. In fact, there are pictures of me as a 3-year-old child sporting a not-so-chic pair of dark circles under my eyes, and I’m not sure they ever went away. As a result of this, it’s safe to say that I have spent a lot of time researching how to minimise the appearance of dark circles. I’ve tested formula after formula of various eye creams, experimented with different massage treatments and even looked into permanent tattoo solutions. (I wrote this off as an idea after watching a video on social media and realising I’m far too squeamish.)

When I discovered that the most likely reason for my permanent dark circles is simply genetic, I stopped fussing with what I could do to change the situation and put a lot more time into perfecting the art of concealer application. I’ve tried skincare-infused formulas, colour correctors and cooling gels. I’ve trialled and tested hundreds of different concealers in a bid to find the perfect formula that looks natural, doesn’t budge, refuses to settle in fine lines and, above all, doesn’t sacrifice natural glow.


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Considering the amount of time and energy I have invested in my quest to find the very best dark circle–disguising concealers out there, I thought it would only be fair to share what I’ve learned. So without further ado, this is absolutely everything I’ve learned about disguising dark circles, including the 30 best concealers out there.

Why Do We Get Dark Circles?


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Above, I briefly touched on the fact that my dark circles are a genetic trait, and for a huge number of fellow dark-circle sufferers (constantly being told we look exhausted means that we do suffer), the case is the same. Thinner skin around the eyes and higher levels of pigmentation mean that unfortunately, some of us are simply born with dark circles, and very little can be done about it.

However, this isn’t to say that the appearance of dark circles can’t be worsened. In fact, those that don’t have a genetic predisposition to dark circles may, from time to time, suffer from them as a result of certain lifestyle choices. Elizabeth Hawkes, a consultant oculoplastic surgeon at Cadogan Clinic, says, "To help avoid dark circles, I advise you get enough sleep, stay hydrated, don’t smoke, use UV protection to improve the quality of skin, reduce salt intake, which causes puffiness, and be very careful when removing eye makeup as the skin around the eyes is very delicate.”

Why Isn’t My Under-Eye Concealer Working?


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Despite the fact that certain concealers are often better formulated to cover redness and spots than they are purple-toned dark circles, a huge reason so many of us struggle to cover them up is that we simply don’t know what we should be looking for.

Amy Conway, senior pro artist at Bobbi Brown, says, "I find the biggest mistake people make when it comes to under-eye concealer is going for a shade that's way too light. Brightness is key, but if you go too light it will look ashy and dry, meaning it won’t reduce darkness at all. Opt for just one shade brighter than your skin tone, and if necessary, add a colour corrector underneath to banish any blueness.”

How to apply concealer on dark under eye circles


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Besides making sure you get the right shade, Conway warns that one of the most important parts of making sure your under-eye concealer blends seamlessly with the rest of your makeup is the application. It turns out that simply slathering on concealer all over your dark circles isn’t the best way to go.

"Firstly, apply a hydrating eye cream to prep the under-eye. Then layer a correcting shade in the darkest area. Peachy tones instantly banish any of the blue/ brown shadows we get under the eye. Finally, layer your shade of concealer on top, blending from the lash line to the top of the cheekbone for a flawless finish,” says Conway.

Shop the Best Under-Eye Concealers:

1. Beauty Pie Superluminous Under-Eye Genius

2. Templespa Glint Hydrating Eye Concealer

3. Lumene Serum in Concealer

4. Kosas Revealer Concealer

5. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

6. Nars Soft Matte Concealer

7. Bobbi Brown Creamy Corrector

8. L'Oréal Paris Infallible More Than Concealer

9. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

10. Iconic London Seamless Concealer

11. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer

12. Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer

13. Touche Éclat High Cover Concealer

14. Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer

15. Glossier Stretch Concealer

16. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Liquid Concealer

17. Dcypher My Customer Concealer

18. Benefit Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer

19. Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Concealer

20. Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Liquid Concealer

21. RMS Beauty “Un” Cover Up

22. Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Liquid Concealer

23. Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer

24. KVD Beauty Good Apple Concealer

25. Trinny London BFF Eye

26. Vieve Modern Radiance Concealer

27. Givenchy Prisme Libre Skin Caring Concealer

28. Sculpted by Aimee Brighten Up Concealer

29. Makeup By Mario Surreal Skin Concealer

30. Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer

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