Trust Us—These 14 Makeup Brands Will Never Fail You

There isn’t much in life that provides us beauty editors and connoisseurs with more joy than makeup. Whether it’s putting on a fierce red lip or simply livening up our complexions with a glowing base, we think a great makeup product is a sure-fire way to brighten a dampened spirit.

And while it’s true that none of us here at Who What Wear is a makeup artist (we’re very much advocates for easy, low-fuss looks), what we lack in artistic skills we make up for in experience. We beauty editors like to refer to ourselves as expert consumers. You see, we are surrounded by beauty products every single day. Between the group of us, there is no beauty stone that goes unturned. We test every mascara, eye shadow palettefoundation and bronzer that hits the shelves.


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Because of the nature of our jobs, it’s worth noting that we have exceptionally high standards. We’re used to the best of the best, after all. And while it’s easy for us to reel off lists of products we love and swear by, when it comes to brands that really get it right, things get a little tougher.

It’s no secret that most of us are very loyal to our favourite brands when we’re shopping for makeup, but very few makeup brands out there truly tick all the boxes. With that being said, out of the hundreds of brands we try every year, there are some that we know will never let us down. Whether you like colourful brights or a minimalist glow, these are the best makeup brands around, according to Team Who What Wear.

1. Charlotte Tilbury

Trying to compile this list wasn’t easy, as every single Who What Wear editor and contributor had Charlotte Tilbury at the top (or close to the top) of their list. Beauty contributor Vanese Maddix says, "I know that Charlotte Tilbury isn’t the most affordable brand out there, but the quality is really good. It’s not one of those brands that are all style no substance.” Whereas deputy editor Maxine Eggenberger has been quoted to say that she won’t let any other makeup brand near her lips.

2. By Terry

In typical Who What Wear fashion, we’re all big fans of French makeup brand By Terry. Founded by Terry de Gunzburg (who is responsible for bringing YSL’s cult Touche Éclat to the market), By Terry makeup champions a natural-looking glow that’s almost impossibly easy to achieve. Former Who What Wear editor Emma Spedding considers By Terry one of her go-to makeup brands, while beauty contributor Shannon Lawlor says, "If I could only use one makeup brand for the rest of my life, it would be By Terry. The formulas are luxe and really encompass that your-face-but-better look.”

3. Merit

Merit has made waves since launching in the UK, and it's safe to say the entire Who What Wear team are obsessed. In fact, Maxine says the bronzer is the best she has tried, while social media editor Joy Ejaria has been wearing the cream blusher religiously. Beauty editor Eleanor Vousden likes that everything from the brand streamlined to make your makeup application a breeze, and it has curated kits that allow you to create low-key looks in five minutes flat. 

4. Huda Beauty

It seems like an odd thing to say given the circumstances, but when you’re shopping for makeup, it’s important not to judge a book by its cover. Yes, Huda Beauty makeup might not look as chic and sleek as other brands out there, but the formulas are truly incredible. Vanese says, "You can’t not love Huda. The quality of the eye shadows is just so good. Most beauty buffs I know have at least one Huda Beauty palette. Personally, I think they’re really good value for money considering just how great the quality is. There’s a palette for every look and every season.”

5. Bobbi Brown

Another cult classic, Bobbi Brown has been a favourite of makeup artists for decades, and it’s also Maxine’s favourite. "I’d be lost without Bobbi Brown,” she says. "I have more Bobbi Brown eye shadow palettes than I care to admit, won’t go a day without slathering my skin in the Vitamin Enriched Face Base, and I swear by its Smokey Eye Mascara for creating full but natural-looking lashes. Oh, and the heavenly Pot Rouge? The very product that convinced me to try blusher again after overdoing it in my teenage years. Thank you, Bobbi Brown, for helping me makeup like a grown-up.” 

6. Glossier

There was no way we were making a list of the best makeup brands out there and not including Glossier. It is easily one of our favourite beauty brands here at Who What Wear thanks to its lazy-person appeal and Insta-friendly aesthetic. Editor in Chief Hannah Almassi says, "I’m an incredibly low-maintenance and no-makeup-makeup kind of woman, and Glossier’s lightweight products really work for me. It’s that added lift that I 100% need and want but without ever feeling too much.”

7. MAC

When it comes to sheer choice, MAC really can’t be beaten. Its shade range is extensive, and there really is a product for every makeup want and need. It might have lost its buzz a little in recent years, but the cult classics are constants in our collections.

8. Westman Atelier

We’re hesitant to include such an expensive makeup brand on this list, but it really can’t be ignored. Founded by makeup artist Gucci Westman, Westman Atelier is responsible for creating some of our most-loved cream products. From stick blushers and contour sticks to creamy highlights and nourishing lip shines, every single product in the Westman Atelier line-up is pure gold.

9. Hourglass

Spedding considers Hourglass her favourite makeup brand out there, and the rest of the Who What Wear team totally understands why. To start with, the packaging feels like fine art in makeup form. Then there are the formulas to consider. Creamy, blendable and the sort of makeup that melts into skin like butter, the formulas are foolproof and natural-looking in the best of ways.

10. E.l.f. Cosmetics

While we all love luxury beauty products, sometimes it’s the more affordable brands that do the hard work best, and that rings truer than ever when it comes to E.l.f. From foundation to concealer, E.l.f.’s base products put some 10 times their price to shame. If there’s only one affordable makeup brand you choose to shop from, we recommend this one.

11. Milk Makeup

When it comes to natural-looking makeup, Milk Makeup really is considered the best of the best—and that’s why we love it. The brand’s your-skin-but-better approach to all of its formulas guarantees a glowing finish that still leaves you looking like you.

12. Laura Mercier

Few makeup brands have quite as many cult products under their belts as Laura Mercier. From the brand’s iconic Tinted Moisturiser to the makeup artist and celeb favourite Loose Setting Powder, Laura Mercier has all of your base needs covered.

13. Byredo

You might be familiar with Swedish brand Byredo thanks to its super-chic fragrance offering, but its more recent makeup launches place Byredo firmly amongst some makeup greats. The products champion a creative but easy approach to makeup thanks to buildable pigments and stick formulas. Think a five-minute face that looks as though it took hours to achieve. 

14. Elizabeth Arden

Sometimes the classic brands are the best ones. New makeup brands come and go, but Elizabeth Arden is a trusty favourite. With skincare-infused foundations, award-winning mascaras and cult lipstick shades that have truly stood the test of time, Elizabeth Arden is easily our favourite heritage makeup brand.

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