20 Style Secrets That Come Kendall Jenner Approved

It feels like Kendall Jenner has been on our radar forever—which, by way of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she has. But it wasn’t until age 18, when she stepped out on the Marc Jacobs catwalk in 2014, that she “came out” and established herself a high-fashion plate. 

Since then she’s been courted by Chanel, Balmain, Fendi and Estée Lauder, to name just a few, and her wardrobe has become more and more noteworthy by the day. She’s established herself as quite the chameleon—she can do athleisure one minute and switch to your typical model-off-duty look the next. The there’s her airport outfits, which aren’t as structured as, say, Victoria Beckham’s, but manage to combine being fashion forward with comfort. 

Kendall isn’t afraid to take risks, but she’ll dress in harmony with her squad when the occasion calls for it. To summarise, what we’re saying is that Kendall is a generous dresser—with her friends, designers and, of course, for the cameras (which is great news for our style-hungry eyes).

So scroll through the gallery below for ways in which you can dress more like Ms. Jenner…


1. Never Be Afraid to Try Something New
(Image credit: WireImage/George Pimentel)

Style Notes: Bare hip bones on the red carpet?! This equation may not present itself in many of our civilian lives, but Kendall’s motto is clear: Take a risk and top it off with a smile—you’ll get away with any sort of experimentation.


2. Dress in Harmony With Your Squad
(Image credit: Getty Images/Astrid Starwiarz)

Style Notes: Here Kendall and little sister Kylie are practically wearing the same outfit, but rather than looking like a faux pas, it’s a sign of sisterhood, of unity. 


3. Never Underestimate the Power of Monochrome 
(Image credit: GC Images/Raymond Hall)

Style Notes: Looking every inch the off-duty model, a simple palette of black (in luxe leather textures) and white creates a look that’s simple yet head-turning.


4. Always Flaunt Your Best Assets
(Image credit: Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown)

Style Notes: Kendall is blessed with a supermodel body, but it’s her never-ending legs we’re most envious of. Whether it’s your arms, collarbone or dainty ankles, be more Kendall and show them off to the world.


5. Rules Are Meant to Be Broken
(Image credit: Getty Images/Pasca Le Segretain)

Style Notes: White tailoring to an awards 'do instead of a fairytale frock? This is exactly what makes Kendall’s red carpet game so exciting.


6. Match Your Makeup to Your Dress
(Image credit: Getty Images/Larry Busacca)

Style Notes: Especially if it’s a dazzling red gown. Just remember to keep your shoes and bag a different hue to avoid looking too matchy-matchy.


7. Experiment With Tonal Looks
(Image credit: Getty Images/John Sciulli)

Style Notes: Kendall looks like an extra member of The Avengers here—but in a good way. Adopting the same colour from head to toe makes her silhouette look even longer. 


8. Be a Green Goddess
(Image credit: Getty Images/Larry Busacca)

Style Notes: There’s not many skin tones —if any—that don't work with green. So break out of your colour rut and have a moment in emerald à la Kendall.


9. Treat the Sidewalk Like Your Catwalk
(Image credit: GC Images/Bauer-Griffin)

Style Notes: Chanel espadrilles, designer bag, that plunging top… Never save the best for last when you’re emulating Kendall.


10. Channel Your Inner Princess From Time to Time
(Image credit: Getty Images/Larry Busacca)

Style Notes: Big hair, diamonds, a satin gown… You don’t need an A-list lifestyle to indulge in this sort of dress code occasionally, just a really fabulous occasion.


11. Try a Designer Look From Head to Toe
(Image credit: Getty Images/Nicholas Hunt)

Style Notes: As a muse to Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing, Kendall is the embodiment of Balmania. Channel her dedication to a brand by going the whole hog.


12. Make Friends With Body Tape
(Image credit: Getty Images/Michael Loccisano)

Style Notes: Braving a risqué silhouette? As long as you’re armed with the right foundations—in this case cleavage tape—anything is possible in the wardrobe department.


13. Believe in Twinning
(Image credit: GC Images/Bauer-Griffin)

Style Notes: Whether it was a coincidence or not, we love Kendall and her pal Gigi Hadid’s coordinating athleisure looks, topped off with micro-mini designer handbags and bomber jackets.


14. Make Up Your Own Off-Duty Rules
(Image credit: GC Images/Bauer-Griffin)

Style Notes: Kendall’s top half looks like she could be going to a gig; her bottom half says she’s just left the gym. Whatever—it works.


15. Mix High and Low Pieces
(Image credit: GC Images/James Devaney)

Style Notes: Casual hoodie and leather biker pants? Here’s proof that it works. Just add ankle boots for that extra lift.


16. Wear Your Favourite Accessory Into the Ground
(Image credit: Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy)

Style Notes: Kendall’s favourite piece of jewellery isn’t expensive diamonds but a simple black choker. Don’t apologise for wanting to wear your must-have piece all the time. Let it become your signature.


17. Always Travel in Style
(Image credit: GC Images/Star Max)

Style Notes: A long-haul flight is no excuse to dress sloppily when you’re a Kardashian. But here the model combines style with comfort—a tactile, knitted all-in-one is perfect for the cameras and a flight.


18. Mix Up Your Beauty Look
(Image credit: Getty Images/Andreas Rentz)

Style Notes: Pulling your hair off your face and trying a new lip colour has transformative powers. Plus, you don’t need a huge budget to splash out on a new lipstick.


19. Do Casual With a Twist
(Image credit: Getty Images/Rachel Murray)

Style Notes: Daisy dukes and high heels shouldn’t work, but look—chunky velvet ankle boots and a khaki jacket breathes new life into a wardrobe staple.


 20. Go Back to Black
(Image credit: GC Images/Bauer-Griffin)

Style Notes: Sometimes, you just can’t beat an all-black ensemble, so as shown here by Kendall, pick some contrasting fabrics, such as jersey and satin, and embrace it.

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