I'm French—Here's Everything I Just Added to My Wardrobe

When she’s not working as a journalist and social influencer, It girl Sabina Socol also brings her fashion expertise to Who What Wear US's French Girl column—and we couldn't resist sharing it with you. 

As the season shifts, new trends organically stand out. When it comes to dressing according to trends (or rather not as far as Parisians are concerned), I find that turning to accessories is the best option. Over time, this little trick has always allowed me to stay myself and not give in to the fads too much in one season, while inserting a little fun in my looks. With that in mind, here are a few accessories I keep noticing while wandering the streets of Paris.


I’m not sure the following trend is a big thing in Paris (although I’ve seen similar nylon Prada bags on the shoulder of some cool It girls here and there), but it sure is one for me! The other day, I was wearing a full vintage outfit that consisted of a Michael Kors denim miniskirt, a silky tank, and this little pink dream bag. When I checked myself in the mirror, I realised that this outfit reminded me so much of Ally McBeal.

This filled me with joy. Why you might ask? Because the ’90s and early ’00s make me happy. It brings me back to my teenage self, when I used to dream of this kind of accessory and admire pop culture feminine landmarks like Ally McBeal, who was confident, had a career and, of course, style.


(Image credit: Mathieu Vilasco)

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Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are at the top of my autumnal footwear wish-list: they’re just everywhere! They prove fashion really is cyclical as I remember wearing similar boots more or less 10 years ago, over slim jeans (raise your hand if you did that, too!).

This season, however, I’m keen to push the trend a little further and, rather than simply wearing them over jeans (even though I'd love this look to make a comeback), I’ll be combining them with a miniskirt and a trench coat for a ’70s-inspired silhouette. The ones I’m wearing are from my collaboration with the French brand Jonak, and are going to be available from October 25. In the meantime, here are some options that are already available.


(Image credit: Mathieu Vilasco)

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Chunky Gold Jewelry

Jumbo jewellery has never really been a thing in Paris—French women usually stick to fine pieces they wear day-in, day-out. this season, however, there seems to have been a shift as I keep spotting women wearing chunky statement jewellery.


(Image credit: Mathieu Vilasco)

It started with the shell necklaces and bracelets that dominated the summer months, but now French women are gravitating towards J.Lo-inspired pieces—in particular, large hoops. 


(Image credit: Mathieu Vilasco)

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Vanity Bags

For those who are scared by the 2000s comeback, little vanity bags might be a more wearable option on an everyday basis. But on a more serious note, even if the mini bag trend isn’t really new, I’ve noticed an appearance of these more geometric, sophisticated versions. Here are some picks!


(Image credit: Mathieu Vilasco)


(Image credit: Mathieu Vilasco)

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Transition Heels

Autumn is the perfect time of year to dust off your transitional heels—when it’s too cold to wear your next-to-nothing sandals and too hot for boots. Consider chunky sandals, elegant mules, and high heels your go-to. 


(Image credit: Mathieu Vilasco)

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Sabina Socol

Who’s your style icon?I don’t have just one. I’m a sponge when in comes to style icons and get inspired by my entourage, the girls I follow on Instagram, famous actresses like Catherine Deneuve.

What are your 5 favorite people to follow on Instagram?Alexandra Spencer @4thandbleeker for her amazing taste and style, and her brand @realisationpar, for the clothes of course and the cool art direction. @leandramedine and @pandorasykes, I just love their input on fashion and their sense of humor. And @c__l__o for inspiration and their beautifully curated selection of images.

What’s the fashion essential you can’t live without?A pair of high waisted blue jeans.

What’s your desert island album?Jungle