No Joke—This Is the Most Discussed Accessory Brand in Our Editors' Group Chat

I'm not ashamed to admit it. When it comes to shoes and handbags, I'm a little bit obsessed. In fact, scratch "little bit." I've actually run out of storage space with the number of heels, boots, sandals, handbags, clutches and totes I've amassed over the years. I'm a firm believer that no matter how casual the outfit, a good pair of shoes or a statement bag can elevate an entire look. With that in mind, shoes and handbags are the two things that I never scrimp on (you can find a good white T-shirt almost anywhere, but a bag you'll use everyday is worth the investment), and I've often found shopping for elegant accessories on the high street to be a real challenge. Ask me to find a bag for under £50 or a pair of shoes for £80, and no doubt I can do it, but often they'll miss the details that make designer bags look really premium. However, there is one brand that has really changed the game with handbags and shoes that are affordable but don't actually look it. And it's been a staple in our editors' wardrobes for years. 

Singaporean label Charles & Keith launched in 1996 specialising in shoes and has since expanded to include jewellery, sunglasses and, of course, handbags. Although it only launched in the UK in 2018, it still feels like a well-kept industry secret (probably because we've been trying to keep it to ourselves), but that only means it's unlikely to bump into anyone who will know that your luxurious-looking shoes actually cost £50. Members of the Instagram crowd are already fans, with Brittany Bathgate and Freddie Harrel often spotted in Charles & Keith, but its exciting A-list following has grown over the last year, with Sienna Miller, Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski all wearing the brand's bags and shoes, so it's clear we've got a certified style staple on our hands. 


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Jennifer Lopez wears Charles & Keith's Mini Crescent Hobo Bag.



Sienna Miller wears Charles & Keith's white ankle boot. 



Gigi Hadid wears Charles & Keith's Chunky Brogues

After realising that no less than three members of team Who What Wear were wearing Charles and Keith accessories during London fashion week (editor in chief Hannah Almassi even owns the same pair of boots in three different colours), our group chat has been taken over sharing our favourite new styles and discussing what to add to our baskets next. So, if you're looking for new season accessories that tick off the style trifecta (that's chic design, comfortable, and unbeatable cost per wear), keep scrolling for our favourite Charles and Keith picks, and the latest styles on the site. 


Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief
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"As someone whose winter wardrobe revolves around long skirts or dresses worn with knee boots, it's super-frustrating that my calves appears to be too big for most regular knee-high styles. So I have to look for stretchy versions, but those are hard to find with low heels and a chic rounded, almond or square toe. (Why are they always pointy and stacked high?). But these Charles & Keith babies came to rescue. Sure, I'd like them to be real leather, but they do the job. So well, in fact, that I bought the black faux-suede and faux-leather as well as this creamy pair. Perfect for my '70s style, very comfy for a long day at work, and I know I'll wear them for many winters to come. Charles & Keith is really great for stylish low heels and for carrying key styles in multiple colourways."

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Maxine Eggenberger, Deputy Editor
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"My love for my Charles & Keith Gabine bag isn't equated by the number of compliments I receive on it but, if it were, I would be borderline-levels-of-marrying-it infatuated. The sleek saddle shape, which loans itself to both day and night styling, and its simple but impactful brushed-gold buckle are key components in its broad appeal. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want this handbag in their collection. Considering the amount of wear I've got out of mine, it's held up remarkably well—more so than my limited selection of designer bags, in fact. Now, there's a real-leather iteration to choose from, too, which I'm tempted to invest in. When you're genuinely considering owning two of the exact same bag, you know you've got it bad."

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Remy Farrell, Shopping Editor
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"It's no surprise that both the sculptural handbag and woven sandals I wore all summer have already sold out, because they are two of the pieces that get complimented the most every time I wear them. Whether I wear a jumper and jeans or I'm getting dressed up for an event, I always keep my look relatively simple and then add an architectural, fashion-forward piece from my (ever-growing) Charles & Keith collection. It automatically makes the outfit feel more polished." 

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"I wasn't kidding when I said I was developing a collection, but the highlight is without a doubt the shoes. Sure there are classic loafers, ballet pumps and ankle boots, but my favourites are always the off-the-wall, statement shoes that are far more comfortable than they look."

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