I've Had My Eyes Peeled for the Next Big Jewellery Trend—This Is It


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Minimal jewellery has held centre stage for a bit too long because the next big jewellery trend really questions it. In my inbox, on fashion people, and on the streets, I'm starting to see something take over, and I'm calling it "elevated bubble jewellery." Think of it as a take on the beaded jewellery that we wore during summer camp but way more sophisticated. 

Whether you're styling this trend for a beach getaway that involves lots of colour or a week spent going in and out of the office, bubble jewellery will instantly make you look put-together. Let's discuss the runway and Instagram moments that convinced me that this trend is it.


On the fashion crowd:
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Style Notes: My favourite way to wear the bubble-jewellery trend is in silver or gold. If you're tired of the chunky necklaces we've seen the past few seasons, this feels like a very fresh take.


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Bottega Veneta)

Style Notes: The bubble-jewellery trend first caught my attention about a year ago at the Bottega Veneta S/S 23 show. It took some time to pick up speed, but now, it seems to be going full force ahead with many brands adopting it.


(Image credit: @_anni_lu_)

Style Notes: For vacation or just days when I want to wear more colour, I'm loving this green iteration from Anni Lu, one of the brands that sold me on this trend.


(Image credit: @daniellejinadu)

Style Notes: Make like Danielle and layer up for a truly impactful look. 


(Image credit: @_sierramayhew)

Style Notes: Another brand that convinced me that this trend was here to stay was Jenny Bird. It has such a good collection of bubble jewellery, and I've been wearing this ring on repeat.


(Image credit: @fisayolonge)

Style Notes: As dedicated minimalists, jewellery is a brilliant way to add a little flare, and this trend works so well. Delicate jewellery can rest in your jewellery box and these bold bubbly styles take centre stage. 


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