I'm a Picky Shopper, But I Can't Believe How Premium These Zara Buys Look

I don't think it's unreasonable to say that, as a shopping editor, I can be pretty damn picky when it comes to clothes. While it's not a prerequisite of the job, there is something about having an overview of the many collections and brands, both high-street and designer, that are available at any given moment that really focuses the brain on finding only the best possible pieces. Case in point: Zara is known for its generous online offering, which, while great for choice, is not always so good for concise edits. That's where I come in.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Zara)

I will happily while away hours scrolling through various online new-in sections, each page with the potential to yield a hidden gem. It's all about the thrill of the chase. My trick is to keep an eye out for prints, silhouettes or colourways that feel unusual (but not novelty) and fabrics that you know will look as good IRL as they do in the photos. Denim is always a safe bet, as are wool, leather and satin. 

Zara's Premium Collections are also a personal fave, as they typically combine classic styles with more elevated quality. For example, I think this powder-blue wool coat would look seriously expensive when worn oversized with a white tee and slouchy jeans. Trust me when I say that there's so much more where that came from. So if you're looking for a little guidance to making better investments on the high street, scroll down to shop my Zara 2022 edit.

Shop Our Zara 2022 Edit

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