The Trends Fashion Editors Can't Stand (and the Ones They Love)

One thing that keeps the fashion world interesting is the ever-revolving door of trends. Most come and go, although some get more time in the spotlight than others. As editors, we’re trained to know that not every trend is for everyone, and conversely, that for every trend, there are followers—even if those followers aren’t necessarily us. Naturally, then, favorites (and not-so-favorites) develop, hence the subject of today’s post.

We reached out to six industry editors to get the lowdown on the trends they love and loathe for the coming months. Doling out their thoughts on everything from athleisure-inspired style to the best way to show a little skin, these style heavyweights all chimed in on the trends to keep an eye on. To help you take full advantage of their spring style advice, we also picked out a few pieces you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe in the coming months.

Read on to see what each editor had to say, and to shop our picks too!