The Brand All Fashion Girls Will Be Wearing on Their Feet This Fall

About a month ago, while working on my weekly new-arrivals roundup, I came across a pair of Tibi shoes so good that they stopped me in my tracks. It was these, by the way. Normally when something like this happens, I’ll get excited by the shoes, bookmark them in my “Buy?” folder, and move on with my work—which I did. The strange part was, however, as I continued browsing retailers, the same thing kept happening—all with different pairs of the same brand’s shoes. This, of course, prompted an email to all the editors posing the question, “Has anyone else noticed Tibi is killing it with shoes right now?!” To which my colleagues quickly replied-all with their yeses or "Want them all!" and various other forms of acknowledgment.

So here we are today, simply sharing the amazing fall (and pre-fall) Tibi shoes that have stolen our hearts, and we know they will do the same to you. See below for some snapshots of the shoes, and then, of course, shop our (many) favorites from the brand.