3 Makeup Looks the Fashion Crowd Will Own
3 Makeup Looks the Fashion Crowd Will Own

3 Makeup Looks the Fashion Crowd Will Own

Your Instagram feed is probably a lot like ours. Shoes? Makeup? Coffee? Memes? Yeah, thought so. But sometimes we come across a beauty look that stops us dead in our tracks: Equal parts fashionable and wearable, it demands to be tried out ASAP. Since we go through this cycle multiple times a day, it’s easy for us to identify trends, and when we spot a look that’s truly worth hitting “save” on, we call in a pro to help us re-create it.

Enter: makeup artist Zaheer Sukhnandan. Taking inspiration from a slew of our “saved” images on Instagram, together we came up with three unique looks (namely, splashes of color, flushed cheeks, and glossy eyes) and paired them with outfits that only enhance the overall vibe. Don’t worry: We’re also sharing the list of the products he used, all of which are exclusively sold at Ulta Beauty—and if you want to avoid #FOMO, we suggest snapping them up. Like now.

If you want to ease into color, this look is for you. It’s pretty mellow, meaning skin is light and fresh, allowing the blush to sculpt the face with color. Sukhnandan also made a point of using the same shade on both cheeks and eyes in order to make the yellow on the inner corners pop. To give it a total cool-girl vibe, add some gloss to your lips and eyes. It’s subtle and chic; worn with full-on white, it’s making us feel all the things.

We probably don’t need to tell you that lavender is having a moment right now (case in point: our model’s outfit). Sukhnandan decided to splash the color across lids while adding a cool blue to the lower lash line. While it’s true that this look is serving up a lot of color, the shades are fairly muted, which somehow makes it feel more versatile. It’s also worth noting that you don’t need to wear a full monochromatic outfit; it would look equally as good with a pair of jeans and a basic white tee. Pro tip: Dabbing your lids with concealer that’s a shade lighter than your skin tone will make the colors pop more.

Get every other bronzed look out of your mind, because this is the only one that matters. No heavy sculpting or contouring—just a hint of color and a whole lot of shine. To get that fresh glow, Sukhnandan used a damp sponge to stipple the highlighter on the tops of the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, and above the brow. He also swiped some onto the lids and the inner corners for extra shine. Top it all off with a bushy brow and voila—the ultimate low-key summer look.

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