The Third Pieces We Swear By to Upgrade Our Outfits This Season

Every now and then, you spot someone on the street wearing the simplest of outfits that somehow looks a smidge chicer than usual. Can’t pinpoint what it is exactly that’s taking those jeans from an easy outfit to a Serious Look? We’re willing to bet it’s the effortless magic of a strategic third piece. And, no, that doesn’t mean she simply tossed a jacket over her shoulders (although that is one way to do it).

Take it from fashion blogger Cheralee Lyle: “[A good third piece] makes things interesting and instantly adds individuality.” As an avid believer in the importance of the third piece—along with the versatility of a great pair of PAIGE jeans—Lyle was the perfect person to turn to for styling advice, so we gave her a little challenge. Her mission: upgrading her go-to denim look with three chic third pieces to elevate her everyday style and effortlessly transition from work to play. Here’s how it all played out…

The Animal-Print Belt

In case you missed it, we’re here to remind you: Animal print is a major thing right now. Fashion girls are embracing the print with either head-to-toe looks or pulling off the trend in a more low-key (but still very impactful) way via a belt. The neutral print of the season works perfectly with a blank denim canvas, don’t you think?

Imagine this look without the belt: It would still be chic, sure, but it would be missing that element of cool we were talking about earlier. Trust us on this one: You need a leopard belt in your arsenal of accessories. It’s the third piece that never fails!

The Skinny Scarf

A super-versatile skinny scarf is the ultimate in effortless third pieces. Lyle explained that she was inspired by French-girl style when she spotted the PAIGE scarf: “The scarf dressed up the simple white T-shirt and gave the look a fun Parisian vibe,” she says.

We’re super into the subtle celestial details of this print—it’s a piece you can wear in lieu of a necklace and a fun third piece that’ll instantly update an everyday outfit into a full-blown fashion moment.

The Ruffle-Detail Jacket

Whether she’s busy taking photographs or grabbing a coffee at her favorite neighborhood café, Lyle swears by her foolproof third piece, the trusted denim jacket. And for good reason: The garment’s versatility makes it a no-brainer to throw on wherever she’s headed.

“Layering allows you to show off more of your personal style in your outfit,” Lyle tell us, and we couldn’t agree more. On that note, we’re off to take stock of our own wardrobes’ third pieces (and shop a few new additions to play around with).